The Window of Festivities: Know about Bandra's Damian and its iconic Christmas display

The Window of Festivities: Know about Bandra's Damian and its iconic Christmas display

A fresh theme-based Christmas display every year!

Christmas season is here and the streets are abuzz with the festive spirit. And when it comes to Christmas celebrations in Bandra, one thing surely takes the cake. We're talking about the iconic window Christmas display at the Damian store. Every year, the display at the store is based on a theme but what stays the same is its elegance and the countless tourists that flock to get a glimpse of it.

It turns Christmassy here from December 1

Damian in Bandra is a boutique furniture store that also takes up large-scale interior design projects for homes and workplaces. Known for its unique design projects all year, the store steals the limelight every Christmas, for an entirely different reason.

When the store opens on December 1 every year, it is decked up in a fresh Christmas decoration. The store has never repeated the same decoration over the years. Furthermore, the store owners do not want people to see them putting up the decorations, so everything is completed overnight.

This decoration started small but it gradually caught the people's attention and they began visiting the store just to get a quick view. With time, the owners began elaborating on the decoration to the point that it became an absolute must-visit in Mumbai during Christmas.

The decorations stay up till January 6

The Christmas decorations at Bandra's Damian stay up till January 6, i.e., the day of the Three Kings Feast. It is noteworthy that the decorations at this store are completely non-promotional and are focused on infusing the store with the 'Christmassy' vibe!

So, folks! If you're in or anywhere near Mumbai in December, do not miss out on the opportunity to get a glimpse of this marvel of the Christmas spirit in Bandra.

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