The world's largest elevator installed in Mumbai; can carry about 200 people at once

The world's largest elevator installed in Mumbai; can carry about 200 people at once

This elevator is located at Jio World Centre in Mumbai's BKC area

In what could be only termed as the 'grand scheme of things', Mumbai now has the world's largest elevator at Jio World Centre in BKC. Installed by Reliance Industries, this wonder can carry up to 200 people in a single trip, making it a one-of-a-kind attraction across the globe! The dimensions of this master-lift are at 25.78 square meters, enclosing a space that is almost on par with an average bedroom flat in the city.

This is a post card monument for India! 

Almost 222 years since the establishment of India's first ever elevator at Raj Bhavan, Kolkata in 1892, India now boasts of housing the world's biggest lift! The idea backing up this magnum opus project was the vision to create a monument in Mumbai, that could be celebrated at the national level. The elevator has played its role apty hence, creating an exciting buzz about the JWC, Mumbai and India, across the world.

Built by the Finnish company Kone, this 200 pax elevator took about 6 years of planning and now stands as the center piece of the Jio World Centre in Mumbai. To put things into perspective, the JWC stretches for 18.5 acres of land in BKC Mumbai and has about 188 elevators on the complex - all developed by Kone.

Swift, safe & elegant 

The larger-than-life project in Mumbai has been conceptualised on a brief that elaborates as “safe, swift, state of the art and elegant". And while the machine does all that, what draws interest is its peculiar build.

The machine that powers the elevator is bigger than the elevator itself, said Amit Gossain, Managing Director, KONE Elevators. Besides, it is installed at the bottom of the lift, unlike the usual top fixtures.

The unique built is a testament to the lift's role, which is to provide an experience, unlike anything before, to all those who are visiting the country. For this, a phase-wise opening of the elevator, the Jio Drive and fountain is likely to follow soon.

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