THIS 56-year-old 'dairy' in Vile Parle churns out delish aamras all year long!

THIS 56-year-old 'dairy' in Vile Parle churns out delish aamras all year long!

A place where mangoes are never off season.

Have you visited the 56-year-old Shree Narayan Dairy in Vile Parle - the undisputed maestro of aamras? And if not, read on!

This dessert den isn't just about satisfying your sweet tooth – it's a full-blown celebration of the juiciest mangoes, all year round. So say goodbye to ordinary and buckle up for a flavour-packed journey, into the mango wonderland that is Shree Narayan Dairy.

Aamras rules the Flavour Kingdom here!

Meet the person behind the mango spectacle – Mr. Rishi Joshi, the proud owner of Shree Narayan Dairy. He unveils the secret to the success – the Hapus variety of mangoes, which is the key ingredient that keeps mango lovers coming back.

"Aamras isn't just a seasonal delight; it's a way of life," Mr. Joshi beams. Hence, Shree Narayan Dairy proudly stands as the go-to spot for aamras all year round. The enticing aroma of ripe mangoes hangs in the air, inviting patrons to savour this heavenly treat, no matter the season.

During mango season, you can indulge in a glass of aamras for just ₹90. And here's the twist – even when the mango season take a back seat, Shree Narayan Dairy continues to serve the golden nectar at ₹360 per kilogram. It's a commitment to preserving the mango magic, irrespective of the season.

What sets Shree Narayan Dairy apart isn't just its aamras dedication but its worldwide allure. From Dubai to London and across the USA, this unassuming dessert haven has amassed an international following with its irresistible mango creations.

Let the mango madness whisk you away!

Ready for a mango-filled joyride? Head on over to Shree Narayan Dairy in Vile Parle – where it's not just a dessert place; it's a mango fiesta! Dive into the Aamras experience, and let the mango madness whisk you away on a flavourful journey that's hotter than the tropics.

So, why settle for ordinary when you can celebrate mango extravagance at Shree Narayan Dairy? Your taste buds will thank you for this sunny escape!

Timings- 7:00 AM- 12 Midnight

Location- 7, Vishwakarma Building Baug, Baja Road, Vile Parle West, Mumbai

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