THIS Bandra perfumery honours the simplicity of Mother Nature, with its handcrafted selections

THIS Bandra perfumery honours the simplicity of Mother Nature, with its handcrafted selections

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Scrolling through Instagram, we recently came across Call of the Valley and as curious souls, we had to sniff out what this store holds! This Bandra store, with an outlet in Paris, houses natural perfume oils, floral waters, precious oils and candles - which are long-lasting and tempting too! And we're completely floored.

In its collections, CoV uses ingredients such as coconut milk, avocado and argon, that promise to help us sleep better, support our immune systems, and enhance our beauty routine! At the core, this underrated Bandra perfumery respects the simplicity of mother nature with its elementary recipes and it surely has our attention.

A sensorial experience

The practice of using handcrafted precious oils has been appreciated for thousands of years. Thus, Call of the Valley’s vision is to continue delivering and upholding this sensual experience with elegance and sophistication. And we are impressed! So here are some of our recommendations from the brand's long list of products.

Scent helps to make each space in our house feel like home. And candles incorporate scent in such a way, that creates a comforting and calming ambience. Hence we recommend trying Call of the Valley’s Eden Fruits candle with natural extracts, for ₹3,500 (Eden Fruits 155 gr, burns for 24 hours). Touching across a wide spectrum of botanical life, this candle exudes an ambience of tropical warmth and abundance.

Call of the Valley houses an elaborate range of perfume oils as well, designed for an encapsulating sensorial journey. Each of these completely natural oils come with a roll-on applicator and can be applied directly onto the skin. Start off with its Jasmine Sambac roll-on for ₹5000, which comes with the undertones of honey and tea. And we're sure, you'll be back for more!

Further, sourced exclusively, Call of the Valley's Coco Milk (50 ml for ₹2,150) is its star product, with high levels of Vitamin A and E. This gentle oil is a lightweight formula, which absorbs easily and is suited for the face, hair and body. 

Although CoV‘s products are a bit on the expensive side, given the size of the bottles but the quality makes up for it! But if you are in doubt, get mini oil bottles to try first. These minis are super travel-friendly and before you make the 'big' purchase - it will help you to decide better.

Knock Knock 

From the perfume you wear and the laundry soap you use to the body wash and hand soap you lather up every day - scent is a part of your identity as well. So get ready to level up your aura with perfumes and candles from Call of the Valley.

For the convenience of shoppers, the brand has an outlet in Bandra West, which lets you try before you buy! Follow CoV's Instagram handle for more updates. 

When: 11:30 AM - 08:30 PM

Where: 36, Chapel Rd, St Sebastian Colony, Ranwar, Bandra West

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