THIS new cafe in Khar serves Acai bowls, tapioca wraps & Brazilian coffee alongside tropical vibes

THIS new cafe in Khar serves Acai bowls, tapioca wraps & Brazilian coffee alongside tropical vibes

This café recently appointed Brazilian footballer Neymar Jr as its brand ambassador.

Khar is buzzing with tropical vibes as Tropicool Café has debuted in the locality, injecting a burst of colours. Founded by Rohit Gupta, Randall Fernandes, and Tyrell Valladares, this unique acai-focused café offers a fresh dining experience inspired by Brazil's lush landscapes, love for tapioca and craze for coffee.

Additionally, Tropicool recently made headlines, by appointing Brazilian footballer Neymar Jr. as its brand ambassador! So read on to know more, 'cuz we have all the details about its 'coolness' quotient.

A welcome departure from minimalism

The café's ambience mirrors Brazil's vibrancy, with bold murals and mosaic tiles, crafted by co-founder Tyrell Valladares. This offers a welcome departure from the typical minimalism found in cafes around the area and presents an unmistakable Amazonian vibe. Ultimately, all these elements come together to culminate into a space, that is perfect for a quick cup of coffee or a leisurely weekend brekkie.

"We import authentic Acai from Brazil..."

Tropicool Café aims to leave a mark on taste buds with the exotic flavours of Brazil. As co-founder Randall Fernandes asserts, "We import authentic Açaí that is found exclusively in the Amazon Forest, making us the sole café in Mumbai, actually India, to serve the purest form of acai with 50% pulp. We have incorporated items that are inspired by Brazilian street food and are ideal for the on-the-go folks. Also, you can pair your salads and wraps with our in-house Acai Balsamic Dressing, which has garnered quite a following!"

Here, the Acai bowls start from ₹450 but if you're looking for something more, order the Pao De Queijo (Brazilian cheese bread at ₹540 for 5 pieces) or a tapioca wrap - you can thank us later! Tropicool's menu also has a range of refreshing smoothies, egg variations for a hearty breakfast and overnight-soaked bowls, that appeal to even the finickiest eaters. And let's not forget Tropicool's distinctive coffee, brewed with authentic Brazilian beans - a must-try for coffee lovers!

Here's something for book lovers too!

Tropicool Café goes the extra mile by offering a delightful literary experience. With a whole range of books by renowned Brazilian author Paulo Coelho, you can indulge in a captivating read alongside their Acai bowls and coffee. What's more, the café has partnered with the government to offer these books for free! So, don your pyjamas, embrace your out-of-bed hair, and head over for a healthy bowl for your breakfast.

Cost for two- ₹1300

Timings- 10 AM-11 PM (Mon-Fri) | 8 AM- 11 PM (Sat-Sun)

Location- Bajaj Arcade, Off Carter Rd, CHS, Union Park, Khar Danda, Mumbai

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