THIS new 'therapeutic' bar in Khar offers over 100 cocktails & retro arcade games!

THIS new 'therapeutic' bar in Khar offers over 100 cocktails & retro arcade games!

The only therapy you need this evening.

Hey, are you in the mood for a place that gives a fist bump to nostalgia and mixes it up with some killer cocktails? Well then, it's the ideal moment to check out Therapy Cocktail Bar in Khar!

This funky vintage joint is like a time machine with its tiled walls, neon signs, and a bunch of arcade games that practically shout, "Old-school is the new cool!"

'tis a whole package here!

What makes Therapy Cocktail Bar stand out, is its extensive menu with over 100 arcade game-themed cocktails – these aren't just drinks; they're a whole experience. Each cocktail is like a salute to the good old arcade days, with funky names that teleport you to digital adventures and high scores.

But the fun doesn't stop there! Therapy gets that every spirit has its own tale, so they've got separate menus for classic cocktails and cool signatures that match each spirit's vibe.

Pairing perfectly with Therapy's eclectic drinks, is a menu of delectable bites that elevate your overall experience. From savoury delights to palate-pleasing snacks, the food at Therapy complements the drinks smoothly.

And here's the cherry on the cake – literally. Therapy Cocktail Bar throws in an arcade game setup for some extra fun. Sip on your favourite drink, munch on some yummy bites, and challenge your buddies to a classic round of arcade games. It's the whole package!

Knock Knock

So, here's the deal – Therapy Cocktail Bar isn't just a spot to throw back some drinks, it's more like a destination where the good times from the past crash headfirst into the present. Whether you're the type who knows their cocktails or you're all about the gaming scene, Therapy guarantees an experience you won't forget. Every sip and every game feels like a trip through time – and trust us, it's a ride you want to be on!

Cost for two- ₹1,000 (approx.) with alcohol

Timings- 12 Midnight - 1:30 AM, 12 Noon- 12 Midnight

Location- Ground Floor, 3rd Road, Khar, Mumbai

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