THIS venture empowers under-resourced hip-hop talents in Mumbai's Dharavi & beyond

THIS venture empowers under-resourced hip-hop talents in Mumbai's Dharavi & beyond

India's "first-ever & the only School of Hip-Hop".

In the streets of Dharavi, a remarkable initiative has its root - The Dharavi Dream Project (TDDP), which claims to be India's "first-ever and the only School of Hip-Hop". Since its inception in 2014, TDDP has been nurturing aspiring artists and has become synonymous with empowerment and opportunity.

The Project targets under-resourced areas around the city, along with Dharavi's bylanes, to help underprivileged talented individuals acquire skills in the world of of hip-hop, beatboxing, rapping and more!

Growing from Dharavi to the global world

Since 2014, The Dharavi Dream Project has blossomed into a beacon of hope for students from all across the country and beyond, guided by a dedicated team of eight instructors. What sets this endeavour apart is its mission to provide a platform for under-resourced youngsters to pursue their dreams, earn a livelihood, and gain confidence in their abilities.

The brainchild of Samir Bangara and Dolly Rateshwar, along with Mumbai's vibrant hip-hop community, the project has grown from humble beginnings to a global movement. From its roots in Dharavi, Asia's largest slum, the project has expanded its reach - aiming to empower under-resourced youth worldwide through the universal language of music.

Over the years, the project has also achieved some significant milestones. In 2015, Universal Music, a prominent record label, joined forces with Qyuki, a multi-channel network co-founded by A.R. Rahman and Shekhar Kapur alongside Samir Bangara, to launch The Dharavi Project. The team also set up its first community centre in a shanty, and later, they opened up TDDP Studios, a swanky recording spot where underprivileged hip-hop talents can shine.

During the challenging times of the pandemic, the project adapted and thrived, taking its classes online and reaching over 1500 students in India and abroad.

On the eve of India's Independence Day in 2023, the project made its mark with the release of 'Hindustan ki Awaaz,' an anthem celebrating the spirit of freedom and unity, featuring talented artists from the community.

Empowering dreams and amplifying voices

As The Dharavi Dream Project looks towards the future, its aspirations are reaching global heights. Beyond music, it's about creating a community, nurturing creativity, and changing lives. By offering a stage for dreams to flourish, the project is rewriting stories and spreading its influence far and wide!

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