Top 5 reverse waterfalls in Maharashtra you need to explore, this monsoon!

Top 5 reverse waterfalls in Maharashtra you need to explore, this monsoon!

We've included our tips too; read on to know more.

Imagine witnessing a waterfall that defies gravity, with water gushing upward instead of down. Sounds like a scene from a fantasy movie, right? Well, Maharashtra offers just that with its fascinating reverse waterfalls during the monsoon season! These unique phenomena occur when strong winds push the falling water upward, creating the illusion of the water flowing in reverse.

Eager to witness this wonder?! Well, take a scenic ride from Mumbai and check out these 5 reverse waterfalls in Maharashtra, this monsoon!

Naneghat Falls

Just 3 hours from Mumbai, the mesmerising Naneghat Falls is nestled between the Deccan Plateau and the Konkan Coast. This 130-foot-high waterfall is a natural marvel, with its water spiraling upward due to strong winds. Historically significant, the trekking route to Naneghat Falls was used for trade centuries ago, possibly during the reign of Chhatrapati Shivaji.

Location: Naneghat Rd, Taluka, Junnar

Distance from Mumbai: Approximately 120 km

Kavalshet Point Falls

In the lush green Amboli hills of the Western Ghats, near Kavalshet Point, lies a series of small reverse waterfalls. Here, strong winds create an enchanting scene as the water flows backward. This 50-meter-high cascade is a must-visit, especially for its unique echo phenomenon, where your voice reverberates across the valley.

Location: Amboli Hills, Belgaum district

Distance from Mumbai: Approximately 530 km

Anjaneri Falls

Siddhant Karnick

Anjaneri village, often believed to be the birthplace of Lord Hanuman, is home to the magnificent Anjaneri Falls. This reverse waterfall, originating from a peak called Tahuli, is revered as sacred, with its waters offered as prasad at the Anjani Mata Temple.

Named after Hanuman's mother Anjani, the village adds a spiritual touch to your visit. The lush greenery, intriguing small caves, and the splendid Anjani Mata Temple enhance the charm of this trip.

Location: Anjaneri Village, near Nashik

Distance from Mumbai: Approximately 170 km

Samrad Village Falls

Tucked away in the breathtaking Sandhan Valley, also known as Maharashtra's "Grand Canyon", Samrad Village hosts an awe-inspiring 2000-foot-high reverse waterfall. Active mainly during the monsoon, this phenomenon is caused by the high-pressure winds that push the water back up.

Road trippers and adventure seekers flock to this area, making it a perfect getaway.

Location: Samrad Village, near Sandhan Valley

Distance from Mumbai: Approximately 180 km

Lohagad Fort Waterfall

Lohagad Fort, an important Maratha stronghold, transforms into a magical destination during the monsoon. The fort's waterfall flows in reverse due to the powerful winds, creating a spectacle that attracts numerous tourists. The lush greenery and historical significance make this spot perfect for a monsoon trek.

Location: Lohagad Fort, near Lonavala

Distance from Mumbai: Approximately 95 km

Tips for travelers!

Best Time to Visit: Monsoon season (June to September) for the best reverse waterfall experience.

Travel Gear: Carry waterproof clothing and sturdy trekking shoes.

Safety: Check the forecast before heading out. Be cautious of slippery paths and strong winds along the way.

Exploring these reverse waterfalls not only offers a visual treat, but also an adventurous experience that you'll cherish forever. So, pack your bags, gather your friends, and head out to witness these natural wonders in Maharashtra!

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