Tucked away within the walls of 111-YO D.G. Ayurvedic Sangrah in Andheri West, is THIS hidden gem

Tucked away within the walls of 111-YO D.G. Ayurvedic Sangrah in Andheri West, is THIS hidden gem

The shelves here, are adorned with an extensive selection of Ayurvedic remedies

Nestled in the vibrant streets of Andheri West, stands an enduring sanctuary of health and vitality — D.G. Ayurvedic Sangrah. Marking its 111th year since its inception in 1912, this revered establishment has evolved into a pivotal hub of Ayurvedic excellence. The store boasts an impressive collection of more than 11,000 products, tailored to promote overall holistic well-being.

The shelves here, are adorned with an extensive selection of Ayurvedic remedies, each steeped in the wisdom of centuries-old traditions. Situated near Andheri West Station, this Ayurvedic centre has a garnered a loyal customer base over the years. And within its boundaries, lies a hidden gem!

A holistic haven for mental and physical well-being

What sets D.G. Ayurvedic Sangrah apart is not just its extensive product range but also the holistic approach it takes towards well-being. Tucked away within its walls lies a hidden gem – the D.G. Panchkarma Wellness Centre, a sanctuary that opened its doors in July to bring a new dimension to Ayurvedic healing.

Mr. Neeraj Shah, the manager of this centre, emphasises that the Panchkarma Centre surpasses the conventional spa experience. "We aim to provide more than just relaxation; our focus is on holistic healing through Ayurvedic principles," he asserts.

The Panchkarma Centre operates on the belief that true wellness goes beyond skin deep. Here, Ayurvedic treatments are complemented by a range of Ayurvedic medicines to enhance effectiveness and speed up the healing process. The centre offers a diverse range of services, from rejuvenating massages to specialised treatments tailored to individual needs.

Know about the availability of doctors and fees

One of the unique aspects of D.G. Ayurvedic Sangrah is the free and paid consultation by the in-house doctors, available from 9:00 AM-9:00 PM. Customers can seek guidance on the most suitable massage, oils, and treatments, ensuring a personalised and effective wellness plan. These consultations extend beyond the spa, as the dedicated team provides dietary advice too, adding an extra layer to the holistic approach. It's important to note that appointments need to be scheduled 24 hours in advance, and after 7:00 PM, no treatments or appointments are accommodated.

The well-being facility provides a variety of massages, with even a basic head massage available at an affordable range of ₹400-500. Costs can vary up to ₹18,000, depending on individual customer needs and preferences. D.G. Ayurvedic Sangrah also provides delivery services for its Ayurvedic medicines, catering to customers in Mumbai and beyond. For those interested, here is D.G.'s official website.

Knock Knock

As you engage in the therapeutic practices at the D.G. Panchkarma Wellness Centre, it becomes evident that D.G. Ayurvedic Sangrah goes beyond the typical portrayal of a traditional Ayurvedic store. In a world where trends are fleeting, this establishment stands firm, deeply rooted in tradition while adapting to the evolving needs of its clientele.

Timings- D.G. Panchkarma Wellness Centre- 9:00 AM- 7:00 PM (Monday Closed)

D.G. Ayurvedic Sangrah- 8:00 AM- 9:00 PM (Everyday)

Location- 142/A JP Road, Behind Ram Hanuman Mandir, Andheri (West), Mumbai

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