Unwind at THIS garden in Bandra, offering a 'green' break amid the bordering concrete jungle

Unwind at THIS garden in Bandra, offering a 'green' break amid the bordering concrete jungle

From a humble patch of greenery to a vibrant display of nature's beauty.

Tucked away at the bustling junction of SV Road and Turner Road in Bandra West, lies Sadhu Vaswani Garden. This triangular oasis offers a much-needed respite from the cacophony of city life, with its verdant space.

Facing off against the iconic Bandra Talkies and the imposing RTI Foods building, Vaswani Garden stands as a refreshing contrast amid the bustling traffic that surrounds it. Read on to know more about this underrated gem in Bandra, welcoming all to its expanse.

With origins stretching back over fifty years

Sadhu Vaswani Garden has quietly evolved from a humble patch of greenery into a vibrant display of nature's beauty, in recent years. While its origins stretch back over fifty years, the recent transformation has elevated it into a picturesque park, captivating all who wander through its gates.

Today, the garden is more than just a place to escape the urban hustle; it's a cherished sanctuary where locals congregate to unwind and reconnect with nature. On Sundays especially, the air here hums with laughter and chatter, as families and friends flock to enjoy strolls or bask in the sun here.

Additionally, the current caretaker, Mr. Ghanshyam Tiwari, and the park's dedicated gardener, ensure that every corner of this Bandra park is worth a thousand pictures! Their efforts stand as a testament to the transformative power of human care and dedication, making Sadhu Vaswani Garden a thriving space in Bandra.

Get close to nature!

In the middle of Bandra's bustling culture, Sadhu Vaswani Garden beckons weary souls to relax, rejuvenate and reconnect. This lush space is a priceless haven that offers tranquillity and serenity to anybody who ventures inside. Sadhu Vaswani Garden welcomes everyone, whether they are seeking solitude for introspection or just a quick getaway from the city noises.

Timings- 5 PM- 1 PM; 3 PM- 10 PM

Location- 236-A, 236-A, 27th Rd, Bandra West, Mumbai [opposite RTI Foods by Sir Ratan Tata Institute]

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