VARQ By Indian Delight's owner shares his Bandra brand's story & reveals what’s coming soon!

VARQ By Indian Delight's owner shares his Bandra brand's story & reveals what’s coming soon!

Brand insights, behind-the-scenes & more.

Indians are by nature very passionate about their sweets! Whether it's a festival or a special occasion, sweets are a must-have. Thus, it is no wonder that there are so many sweet shops in Mumbai. One such store, which has been serving assorted sugary delights to the city folks since years, is VARQ by Indian Delight.

In a recent interview with Knocksense, VARQ's owner Sunil Kewalramani delved into the brand's journey - sharing the story of the brand’s inception and more. He also offered a sneak peek into the exciting developments on the horizon, and we have all the details!

Q. What is the brand's origin story?

Sunil Kewalramani stated, “This was basically my grandfather’s hobby which later converted into a full blown business in 2018. Initially, we started off with exhibitions and later on expanded to a store.”

Q. How did you come up with the name VARQ? 

“Whenever we ask people about mithai, the first thing that comes to their mind is either Kaju Katli or Peda. And often you’ll find a thin sheet known as warkh on these mithaies. So the Latin deviation of the word warkh came to be VARQ, and that’s how came up with the brand name - Varq By Indian Delight” added Sunil.

Q. What three words come to your mind when we say VARQ?

“Legacy, premium, unique.”

Q. What would you recommend from the menu?

“We have around 30 varieties of sweets, flavoured dry fruits and more at the store. Most of our customers go for assortment boxes mixed with flavoured dates, baklava and house-made chocolates. If you move towards the dry-fruits section, VARQ by Indian Delight’s Chatpata Mix is my best-seller which is a mixture of almonds, pistachio, cashew, raisins, and khas-khas, all tossed in chat masala” added the owner.

Q. Could you tell us a little about the sweets at VARQ? 

Mr. Kewalramani shared , “So, we have a factory in Bhayandar where all the sweets are manufactured. Some of the ingredients that we use while manufacturing are such well-kept secrets that only my family members know about them. We make the sweet with exclusive ingredients and give them to the staff to be further filled and processed. Interestingly, only close family members know the entire recipe.”

Q. What separates VARQ from other sweet shops in the market?

“Considering that a range sweets at VARQ are made without milk and mewa, they are blessed with an increased shelf-life of almost 45 days. This makes it easier for customers to send their beloved friends and family abroad boxes of sweets without worrying about its expiry date”

Q. Is there any market gap that VARQ has filled?

“Today, an increasing number of people are either opting for veganism or have various dietary constraints. Realising the opportunity in demand specific products, we have sweets that are not only sugar-free but also cater to the vegan audience.”

Q. Why did you choose Bandra as a location for your store? 

“I felt that given the type of sweets that I am doing, Bandra has a lot of potential customers. Bandra people are aware of their health, diet, and know how to go about it. Some gym enthusiasts even take our Dates and Anjeer Dry Fruit Bar before heading for a workout. So, basically our customers get a variety of options and flavours to choose from, ultimately helping the business to flourish.”

Q. So what are the preference pattern that you’ve noticed in Bandra and Khar customers? 

“Apart from being health conscious, people in Bandra have a decent spending capacity. However, presentation and packaging for them is quite important. They want the product to both look nice and taste nice. So, we have ample gift options at the shop such as wrapped trays, hampers, and baskets for weddings and festivals.”

Q. Online orders vs Walk-ins. Who wins? 

“Again, it depends. Nothing can beat the crazy stream of online orders we get during Diwali season. But if we consider the regular days, we have more walk-in customers comparatively.”

Q. What kind of demand influx do you face during festive season? 

“If we talk about Diwali specifically, it is mostly about gifting. We get a lot of corporate bulk orders especially from banks and multinational companies. Clients get customised boxes made for their customers, staff and colleagues. Plus, there are a lot of walk-ins too who buy gifts for their family and friends. Basically, Diwali is crazy hectic.”

Q. According to you, what are the ingredients that keep making customers coming back for more?

“People are attracted towards variety. We have an assortment box of 24 pieces with 4 pieces of 6 different varieties of sweets. An easy and preferred gift option for customers who are interested in assortment and want value for their money.”

Q. Are there any expansion plans? If yes, where in Mumbai?

“Yes, we are planning to expand this year in prime areas such as Cuffe Parade, Ghatkopar and Vile Parle. Even though we are placed in Bandra, we have many loyal Gujarati customers coming in from Ghatkopar and Vile Parle. They want us to expand and serve authentic Indian delights. So, that is why we have finalised these locations.”

Q. What more can we expect at these new outlets?

“The products and ambience at the shops will mostly be same. However, often are customers are noted saying that they get a sense of positivity at our shops. So, we try to reflect that in all our stores and greet our customers with a smile.”

Q. How do people connect with you for online orders?

“Since we are not listed on Swiggy or Zomato, we basically take online orders from our official website. Otherwise, customers can call me directly and place their orders.”

Knock Knock 

With consistent quality and service, VARQ by Indian Delight has earned lasting relations and the trust of clients. In the near future, VARQ plans to expand and serve as many Mumbaikars as possible and we are ‘Delight’-ed for sure. Follow VARQ’s Instagram handle for more updates. 

Contact: +91 8291748784

When: 11 am to 9 pm

Where: Varq by Indian Delight, Calvay Apts, Dr Ambedkar Road, 16th Rd, opp. Brownie Point, Bandra West, Mumbai

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