'Village of Dancing Peacocks': THIS small Maha town offers a one-day leisure trip from Mumbai!

'Village of Dancing Peacocks': THIS small Maha town offers a one-day leisure trip from Mumbai!

Plan your weekend already.

Imagine yourself laying on a charpoy under a big neem tree, with your kids/younger siblings playing around while a couple of peacocks dance near you. Top it off with a serving of hot poha and chai breakfast - sounds like a dream doesn’t it? 

Well, this is exactly how Morachi Chincholi near Pune, rolled out for us. Morachi Chincholi literally translates to 'a village of dancing peacocks' and it is also famously referred to as a 'a village of tamarind trees'. A visit here is perfect if you want to take in some fresh air and not worry about worldly affairs.

A breath of fresh air!

After doing some solid research, we figured that Morachi Chincholi is a good place for a getaway from Mumbai. Plus it has to be a weekend, since we all know weekends in Mumbai are generally chaotic and crowded at all popular places! 

What makes this village so special? With a muster of peacocks running left and right out in the open, Morachi Chincholi is more of a one-day leisure trip away. Here, you can bid adieu to your precious gadgets for a day and take in the beauty of nature at Morachi Chincholi Bird Sanctuary that protects and looks after peafowls. 

On your way to Morachi, you can also stop by Mayur Baugh Resort. This place houses a kids' zone and is filled with fun activities such as puppetry and magic shows. Here, adults can indulge in bird watching, bullock cart rides and hurda parties, to get an idea of village life.

If you can’t get enough of the peacocks and have plans of staying back, then Morachi Tourism has a couple of packages for you, ranging between ₹700 to ₹1500. So this upcoming I-Day weekend, this is where you can head to!

PS: Peacocks here are revered and considered part of families. Do not feed them unless you want to land in trouble.

Distance from Mumbai: 185 km (think road trip, people!)

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