Wednesday to now be a 'no-honking' day in Mumbai

Wednesday to now be a 'no-honking' day in Mumbai

Mumbai Traffic Police will run special drives to penalise commuters who use vehicle horns unnecessarily

After a successful two-hour no honking drive on May 28, the Mumbai Traffic Police has decided to observe Wednesdays as 'no-honking' days in the city, effective immediately. As per reports, this special initiative has been launched to curb noise pollution in Mumbai. For this, the traffic personnel in Mumbai will be conducting a special drive to penalise motorists who use vehicular horns unnecessarily on all prominent city roads on Wednesdays.

Horn NOT okay please! 

As per Mumbai Traffic Police about 100 junctions in the city are included under the ambit of the special drive and will witness heavy personnel deployment, especially on Wednesdays. Any person caught honking without reason at these points will not only be charged fines but also be sent for counselling.

Traffic vigilance rises in Mumbai 

Notably, traffic vigilance in Mumbai has become stringent in the last two months. The police has fined over 12,194 motorists for unnecessary honking and 306 drivers for modification of silencers creating noise pollution. For these cases, the Mumbai Traffic Department also directed the commuter to remove the customised silences and replace them with original gear.

The active drive has been undertaken on account of the several public complaints about the mental and physical discomfort due to noise pollution. Medical conditions such as high blood pressure, sleeping disorders and hearing ailments are caused due to excessive exposure to loud noises. Officers are taking an effective step to mitigate the same, read reports.

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