Western Railways to open new skywalk connecting Bandra Terminus to Khar Road

Western Railways to open new skywalk connecting Bandra Terminus to Khar Road

Stretching 341 meter, the upcoming skywalk is reportedly the longest skywalk project commissioned by Western Railways

The Western Railways on Friday commissioned its longest skywalk project, to open a convenient link between the Bandra Terminus and Khar Road railway station. As per reports, the upcoming stretch will be a boon to over 12,500 long-distance passengers who board around 42 trains operating daily at Bandra, offering them a safe on-foot commute option. Once the new skywalk is complete, daily travellers can switch to it, instead of walking on the main road that spurts traffic and accidents.

An alternative to walking on the busy roads

Earlier, the path to reach Bandra Terminus was a congested and crowded road, which caused great inconvenience to daily passengers. With this Skywalk, the passengers will be able to reach any platform of the Bandra terminus by taking the foot-over-bridge at Khar station, which is connected to the Skywalk.

According to the Chief Public Relations Officer of Western Railway, Sumit Thakur, the new Skywalk is 4.4 metres wide and 341 metres long, and the cost of this project will be around ₹14 crores. Taking this Skywalk into account, the Western Railways has commissioned a total of seven FOBs and Skywalks in 2022-23.

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