With 100% increase in 10 years, Mumbai roads now have 2,300 vehicles per km!

With 100% increase in 10 years, Mumbai roads now have 2,300 vehicles per km!

Chennai follows closely, trailed by Kolkata, Bengaluru and Delhi.

Mumbai's vehicle population has crossed the 46 lakh mark this week, marking a 100% increase over the past 10 years. From 1,150/km in 2014, vehicle density in Mumbai now stands at 2,300/km in 2024. This has resulted in endless traffic congestion, sliding air quality and rising incidents of road rage.

When compared with other metro cities, Mumbai scores the highest in vehicle density in India. Chennai follows closely behind at 1762 vehicles per kilometre, Kolkata at 1283, Bengaluru at 1134, and Delhi at 261 vehicles per kilometre, said reports. 

As per experts, the headlights of 46 lakh private cars that jam the city's roads tell a story of unbridled vehicle registrations. Notably, families are now purchasing 2 to 3 cars on average, further contributing to the rising vehicle population. 

Moreover, Transport Expert Vivek Pai suggested implementing measures to restrict the purchase of new vehicles, encouraging the sale and purchase of ‘used cars’ instead. Many people also get the vehicles from other cities/states without registering it, which adds to the congestion, he added.

Commenting on how authorities can slow down number of private vehicles, Public Policy Analyst Paresh Rawal said, “New Metro lines, once functional and interconnected, will definitely ease out travel between suburbs and business hubs. Buses need to be strengthened further as it gives us the much-needed last mile connectivity.”

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