With a fusion of luxury and culture, Hermès opens second showroom in Jio World Plaza, BKC

With a fusion of luxury and culture, Hermès opens second showroom in Jio World Plaza, BKC

Since 2011, Mumbai's Hermès has been tied to its iconic Horniman Circle location.

Hermès, the iconic French fashion house, has broken the mould with the opening of its second showroom in Jio World Plaza, BKC. While other luxury retailers may adhere to a muted, minimalist aesthetic, Hermès dares to defy convention. Nestled within the bustling business district of BKC, this 5,000 square feet space is a celebration of colour and culture done by the French architecture, Denis Montel.

The new Hermès showroom is a kaleidoscope of dynamic hues inspired by India's rich traditions. The facade, adorned with sun-drenched oranges and deep blues reminiscent of Holi festivities, sets the tone for an immersive experience. Inside, Gond art from Madhya Pradesh and nods to Hermès' equestrian heritage blend seamlessly, creating a visual feast that is both Indian and distinctly Hermès.

Inside, the journey unfolds in three distinct acts. The first zone whispers elegance with its light, ethereal palette, showcasing Hermès' iconic silk scarves and homeware. As you move deeper, the space transforms, enveloping you in the rich shades of Jodhpur-inspired blue, where leather goods and fine jewellery sparkle against bamboo veneer walls.

It's a space where the Indian consumer feels not just seen, but understood. As Denis Montel aptly puts it, Hermès is the perfect balance between classic and modernity, and this showroom is a testament to that ethos.

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