With a legacy of 94 years, Bandra's Panthaky Agiary stands rooted in traditions

With a legacy of 94 years, Bandra's Panthaky Agiary stands rooted in traditions

This Agiary (Fire Temple) has a history spanning 94 years.

The legendary Panthaky Agiary, a Zoroastrian fire temple in Bandra West, stands as an esteemed emblem of faith and tradition. This hallowed location has supported a strong sense of community in the area and provided comfort to those in need, for almost a century.

The Agiary, which marks the continuing influence of the Zoroastrian faith, invites believers to congregate within its hallowed walls for prayers. It is a potent symbol of Zoroastrianism's enduring significance because of its rich historical background and cultural relevance.

Inside the Panthaky Agiary

The everlasting flames inside the Panthaky Agiary, flicker to represent the eternal light of Ahura Mazda, the principal deity in Zoroastrianism. This is a hallowed place where followers gather to pray and ask for blessings for their well-being.

One of the most beloved traditions of the Agiary is the joyous celebration of Navroz, the Zoroastrian New Year in the month of March. The temple comes alive with vibrant decorations and traditional chants, the air is charged with excitement, creating an atmosphere of joy and unity that reverberates throughout the community.

Vinyar Italia, the caretaker who has selflessly given 26 years of his life to this holy establishment, is leading it with unshakable devotion. Italia, who is from Hyderabad, has adopted the Agiary as his own and has dedicated his life to upholding its sanctity and securing its legacy for future generations. His unwavering dedication is a reflection of the Panthaky Agiary's enduring spirit—a ray of faith and tradition in the centre of Bandra.

A timeless classic

The Panthaky Agiary is a symbol of the Zoroastrian community's rich cultural legacy and customs, in addition to being a place of worship. Its significance is timeless, acting as a place of spiritual solace for everyone, who steps through its hallowed halls.

Timings- 6 AM-11 AM; 3:30 PM- 8 PM

Location- Gurunanak Rd, Bandra West, Mumbai

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