With an origin story dating back to World War I, Bandra's J. Hearsch & Co. still serves strong

With an origin story dating back to World War I, Bandra's J. Hearsch & Co. still serves strong

Affordable rates and mouthwatering tastes.

In the cosy charm of a hidden British-era bungalow, J. Hearsch & Co. is a not-so-secret gem, that almost everyone knows about. Tucked away in the lively heart of Bandra, opposite American Express Bakery, Hearsch is a delicious homage to the city's food legacy—a haven for Mumbaikars seeking a taste of nostalgia.

Stroll through the good ol' times at J. Hearsch & Co.

Melvin D'Sa, the man behind the J Hearsch & Co. bakery counter, is a person of few words. He carries the legacy of this quaint bakery, a remnant of a time when Bandra's Hill Road was known for hospitals, not street couture. In the 1960s, his father, inspired by a passionate baker, took over operations with the blessings of the Fernandes family, the lessee-cum-proprietors.

But what's the story?

Nearly a hundred years ago, Sophia Liberata Fernandes had just closed her Connaught Bakery on Colaba Causeway and was worried about the future. However, she encountered a German baker, J Hearsch, during that time, who was looking to lease his bakery due to the strain in German-British relations in the 1920s - right after the First World War.

Faced with urgent circumstances, Hearsch entrusted his life's work to Sophia and sought refuge in Germany. In that moment, J Hearsch & Co. found its enduring roots in Mumbai and that was the start of a legacy, now carried forward by Melvin and the Fernandes family.

Today, the bakery's footprint, rooted in its decadent offerings, has been a cultural mainstay for generations. From puffs, patties, and croissants to samosas, pastries, hot dogs, sandwiches, rolls, chocolate balls, and burgers, J. Hearsch & Co. has been a constant in the lives of Bandra locals and beyond.

Drawing people from far and wide!

The popularity of J. Hearsch & Co. reaches way beyond Bandra, pulling in fans from all corners, who happily line up to dive into its delicious offerings. Despite the absence of seating inside, visitors here find solace under the trees, in the open-air complex, while enjoying the delectable treats.

In a conversation with Knocksense, Ishmin, who was eagerly standing in the entrance queue, mentioned, "During the lockdown, I found solace in the comforting flavours of J. Hearsch & Co. My go-to orders had to be from here and now, I am a regular here. I love the Chicken Roll, which is priced at ONLY ₹70 and of course, cleanliness is a straight-up hundred!"

Meanwhile, Carol, a former resident of Bandra, mentioned, "I used to live nearby and I used to visit Hearsch every second day! Now I stay in Mazgaon and come all the way here because I cannot resist the Chicken Roll and Bread Pudding Hearsch offers. Absolute yum!"

Amidst the lively chatter, Bandra resident Lourdes also shared her affection for J. Hearsch & Co., "I am drawn to this bakery because of its freshness, the pocket-friendly pricing, and the heavenly cheesecake. Nothing can replace Hearsch."

Knock Knock

With an origin story dating back to World War I, Bandra's J. Hearsch & Co. still serves strong
Nestled in the lanes Bandra, 115-YO American Express Bakery still leaves foodies drooling

In a city that's always buzzing, J. Hearsch & Co. stands as a timeless retreat, serving up flavours from the good ol' days, at super budget-friendly prices. Each mouthful of any Hearsch & Co. item, feels like a stroll down memory lane and it's almost a sin to not drop by, when in and around the area.

Where- 90/A, Near Holy Family Hospital, Hill Road, Bandra West, Mumbai

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