World Vadapav Day 2022: The tale of Mumbai's very own delicacy

World Vadapav Day 2022: The tale of Mumbai's very own delicacy

A deep-dive into the tale of Mumbaikars' affection with the quintessential street snack, the Vadapav

Long ago, on the streets of Mumbai, a bawarchi tossed a spiced-up chunk of mashed potato into a bubbling hot pan of oil, wrapped the golden, deep-fried mixture between two pieces of pavs (buns). The simple recipe took the entire city by storm, and soon, vadapav fever took over the entire state of Maharashtra. 23rd of August is believed to be the birthdate of the vadapav and is celebrated as World Vadapav Day every year.

Why do the Mumbaikars love the Vadapav?

Since its invention back in the 1960s, the legendary Vadapav has single-handedly ruled over the streets of Mumbai. The mouth-watering dish holds great sentimental value in every Mumbaikar's mind and soul.

The three main reasons behind the enormous hype of the vadapav in the entire state of Maharashtra are pretty obvious and simple.


The patty used in a vadapav, called 'batavada' is made using mashed potatoes, finely chopped onion, chickpea flour and grounded Indian spices, no rocket science involved right? Every street food vendor in Maharashtra can conjure up a vadapav because of which, it is available in every corner of the state.


As soon as the vadapav hits someone's tastebuds, the iconic flavours are etched in their gastronomical memory. The dish is so iconic that it can be accompanied by tea, ketchup or a variety of chutneys. The other part, which makes the vadapav wholesome is that it is quite filling, and most people cannot consume more than two vadapavs in one go.


Although the vadapav is now also a part of fancy restaurant menus. The price on the streets ranges from ₹10 to ₹100 because of which every individual can afford it. Various people including celebrities who once struggled on the streets of Mumbai, refer to the vadapav to be a companion of the hard times. Tons of people in Mumbai have vadapav as their breakfast, lunch and even dinner!

Other foods which are inspired by the vadapav and are quite popular now include the chura vadapav, samosa pav, dabeli pav, paneer pav, egg pav and many more.

Knock Knock

Now, there are more than 100 types of vadapavs available in the market, but something about the original just makes our tastebuds tingle! This World Vadapav Day, head over to your nearest thelewala, and embroil yourself in this dish that is a slice of Maharashtrian culture.

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