WR deploys Remote-Controlled Visual Float Cameras to combat waterlogging during Mumbai monsoons

WR deploys Remote-Controlled Visual Float Cameras to combat waterlogging during Mumbai monsoons

These cameras aim to prevent train service disruptions.

In a bid to keep its trains running smoothly during the monsoon season, Western Railway (WR) has introduced remote-controlled visual float cameras to monitor drains and prevent waterlogging. This innovative approach aims to ensure that Mumbaikars do not face disruptions due to water accumulation on tracks.

These advanced cameras, designed to reach difficult-to-access areas, aim to prevent waterlogging that can disrupt train services.

Floating cameras for advanced sewage system inspections

Vineet Abhishek, WR Chief Public Relations Officer, announced the procurement of 30 such cameras at a cost of ₹3 lakh. He explained that the cameras are not fixed to any given place but can float anywhere. These cameras allow for efficient sewage system inspections by providing a bird's eye view, enabling quick data collection from a safe distance, and pinpointing defects that manual surveillance might miss.

In areas prone to heavy rainfall, such as Grant Road, Prabhadevi, Dadar, and Andheri, underground sewer and drain works have been expedited. The use of remote-controlled cameras ensures continuous inspection of hard-to-reach subways, providing real-time information and enabling prompt action in case of obstructions.

Drain cleaning and infrastructure upgrades

To further prepare for the monsoon, WR has completed extensive cleaning and de-silting of culverts, nullahs, and drains, along with the removal of 1.50 lakh cubic meters of muck using specially designed muck trains, excavators, and porcelain machines. Additional efforts include constructing new drains and manholes to facilitate water discharge, installing 100 high-capacity water pumps at flood-prone locations, and increasing stormwater drainage capacity in critical areas like Borivali and the Virar-Vaitarna section.

These measures, coupled with the use of remote-controlled cameras, aim to mitigate the impact of heavy rainfall on train operations, ensuring a more reliable service for commuters during the monsoon season.

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