One of the basic essence of Lucknow resides in the art of chikankari- which is an ancient yet venerable art form believed to be introduced by the Mughals.

Chikankari is a painstaking process which is passed down through generations and preserved through patronage! Lucknow is the global hub of Chikankari which blends cultural aesthetics with intricate handwork and now there’s a newbie in town!

KRI by Khushboo Rastogi is introducing chikan couture in Lucknow- an exclusive initiative where you’ll find Indo-Western chikan apparel for women from all walks of life!

The inaugural date of the KRI store is on the 3rd of March and here’s all you need to know.

All About KRI!

Let’s start with the decor of the store- cloaked in absolute sophistication, the browns-blacks-turquoise coupled with white and grey screams aesthetic perfection! Even the chair cushions have intricate chikan work on them which also displays the Piscean logo of the brand! The charcoal grey ceiling has pretty incandescent lights tied to swaying nooses which emits vibes of a plush store, which it embodies.

Started by Khushboo Rastogi with a vision of assembling a unified and contemporary chikankari fashion podium for women, KRI aims at becoming accessible to all.

Khushboo Rastogi, Founder- KRI 

Khushboo holds a degree from the London College of Fashion and Polimoda in Italy but she has her roots here In Lucknow which brought her back to the city.
While in a conversation with us, we could easily spot her perfectionist outlook and her love for intricate detailing- Khushboo explained how the art of chikan extends and can be utilized way beyond kurtas and sarees!

KRI is all about manufacturing edgy high-end products and they make sure that the quality of the materials can be categorized as long-lasting as well! KRI doesn’t house local materials- they are majorly sourced from Delhi, Surat and Mumbai.

KRI doesn’t believe in using machines for chikankari because they want to nurture, spread and grow as an artisanal industry. Therefore, they provide purely handcrafted garments- quality controlled at each step of the production process.

In the last 2 years, KRI has also generated a worldwide clientele by exporting western and ethnic women apparel to countries such as Italy, France, Germany, USA and Pakistan!

KRI is an abbreviated form of two names- Krishna Rastogi, who is Khushboo’s father and Cristina, an Italian lady who is a mother-figure to her. So this name is perfect, just like the upcoming store.

KRI is a ‘women conscious’ company where they endeavor to employ and train more and more women artisans to promote women welfare and development in the rural sectors! We’re thoroughly impressed.

KRI is also putting up a chikankari installation at the Royal Fables Exhibition being hosted at Habibullah Estate on March 2nd , 11am onwards- so you can visit to catch a preview of the stuff you’ll find at the studio!

Location: 6 Park Road, Hazratganj, Lucknow - 226001, Near Seva Chikan!

Timings: 11am-8pm, 7 days a week.

Explore the tranquil side of Lucknow as you walk along THESE 5 ghats of River Gomti!

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As per folklore, the story of Lucknow traces its origins to the times of Ramayan and expanding upon this rich cultural heritage, are the ghats of Gomti River, situated in Lucknow. Famous among locals for their architectural nuances and placid scenery, these ghats play myriad roles- ranging from cremation sites to backdrops for film shootings.

Hence, it is only appropriate that a list of these tranquil banks is created, for all those who feel like exploring the City of Nawabs in its entirety. So tag along with us as we catalogue 5 of the famous ghats of Lucknow, that you should know about and visit when the situation permits!

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