One Unique ID Card could replace your aadhar card, passport, driving licence and other IDs

All of us have so many documents that prove our identity. We have an Aadhar card, a passport, PAN card, driving licence and so on. Imagine a Utopian world where you had only one ID to rule them all. Sounds like the perfect reality, doesn't it? Well, soon, India could adopt this policy of having just one ID card that serves all purposes.

What's the update?

With the 2021 national census creeping up slowly, there are plans to do away with the tedious, age-old pen and paper style. Owing to this, the authorities are making plans for One card that integrates all details of an Indian.

The national census in 2021 will be the biggest one ever in the history of the world and the government is cautious enough to not take any chances. At the same time, they are planning to introduce new cards for everyone, which in itself is a major hurdle to get across.

India is the world's second most populated country

What issues will be faced?

For one, stations where one can get this card made will have to be set up. Considering the population of India, that is not an easy task. Apart from that, there is also the issue of explaining it to the uneducated class of people, which make up about 36% of the entire population.

As for the cards themselves, they will have some major plus points. They will eliminate the need for you to carry around a bunch of documents, solely for the purpose of proving your identity. Since one card will be utilized for everything, it should help streamline a lot of processes regarding administration.

What other plans?

Along with the new cards, it is also proposed that the entire census 2021 take place using a mobile app. This is something that also has similar problems like the other proposed idea.

Though a majority of Indians have smartphones these days, the task of explaining and monitoring the entire process will be a chore. In addition to that, making the app as simple as possible is also something that will take a long time.

Knock Knock

If this ambitious plan comes to fruition, it will be one of the best things to happen to the nation. A step towards a more developed and technologically progressive nation is one that we welcome with open arms.

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