Nirbhaya fund to be used by Lucknow police to strengthen the security in the state. To ensure that the state is equipped with proper tools to deliver the right help, Uttar Pradesh will use a substantial amount from the Nirbhaya fund to develop Lucknow as 'safe city'. Pink patrol bikes, CCTV cameras, pink outposts and more will help Lucknow reach the set goal.

What's the update?

Crime against women are at an all time to deal with the same, UP government has allocated ₹67.7 crores (approx) from the Nirbhaya fund to develop Lucknow as a safe city.

Several new programs will be launched with the fund including the construction of a new building which will serve as a 'smart control room' for the police.

The UP police department also plans to bring pink patrolling vehicles which will be operated by women cops and pink outposts specifically designed to hear and act on the grievances filed by women.

Many of these projects will involve identifying areas with high risk and equipping these areas with necessary tools including CCTV cameras which will act as vigilant eyes of the authorities.

What else?

The central government has also come up with a plan to make filing complaints easier and hassle free for women with 'Women Help Desks'. These desks will be primarily overseen by female officials and would also have lawyers, psychologists and NGO workers to ensure that women are given the help they need.

UP police has also given a strong directive to commercial establishments to ensure a pick and drop facility for the female employees working late hours or in the night shift. The commercial establishments include hotels, IT companies, retail stores and other workplaces with multiple female employees.

Knock Knock

With the Nirbhaya fund the authorities aim to establish Lucknow city as a model of women safety. These programs will not only help in decreasing the number of crimes but will also ensure in reporting crime. Let's hope that the plans materialise soon and Lucknow becomes a safe and reliable city for women from all walks of life.

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