Over the last decade, Repertwahr Festival has become synonymous to one of the grandest performing arts festivals in India and how! Started back in 2009 with a vision of giving thespians a venerable stage, this festival has now risen to become an imperative part of Lucknow’s pulsating cultural.

Blanketing the Sangeet Natak Academy in stellar colours every year, Repertwahr Festival brings in maestros of divergent cultural and artistic fields to the stage here every winter. This festival stands as a watchtower to the brocade of cultural confluences happening around and it then derives the best of acts from it, to host the ultimate celebration in Lucknow!

This year too, Repertwahr is back with season 10 of its snowballing journey so this December, get ready to be a part of a fiesta which will keep you looped in from day 1!

A Glimpse of the Decade!

Inspired by Habib Tanvir and Ashwath Bhatt sir who were prominent playwrights of their times, the founder of the festival, Mr. Bhoopesh Rai had birthed this initiative with a simple belief in the city and himself.

It started out as just a product of passion and dedication towards the art of theatre, keeping the towering intellectualism and deep-dyed culture of Lucknow in mind.

The underlying vision was to bridge the gaps between theatre artists and the starved audience of Lucknow and since the very first play, Repertwahr opened doors for theatre unlike any other. Ticketed performances, contemporary subjects and visual aesthetics, propelled the stagnation of performing arts in the city which acted as a fresh gush of air.

Theatre stalwarts like Saurabh Shukla, Lillete Dubey, Manav Kaul, Salim Arif, Lubna Salim, Soni Razdan and so on, have graced the stages here with their hard-hitting performances.

Repertwahr festival then shifted their focus on supporting independent music too, which was then presented on stage in 2015. Since then, there’ve been musicians from all walks of life, who’ve performed here, risen to instant fame and come back again to bask in the glories of it. Musicians and bands like Namit Das, Mame Khan, When Chai Met Toast, Parvaaz, Indian Ocean have performed here time and again and Lucknow’s warm response has kept them hooked since ages.

Repertwahr also introduced stand-up acts in 2017 which was an instant hit amidst the citizens here, given the immense popularity of comedy shows these days!

What we’re saying is-

Repertwahr Festival brings to Lucknow, a kaleidoscopic spectrum of art, aesthetics and culture and you cannot afford to miss out on the the razzmatazz it brings along with it! Repertwahr Festival season 10 is en route and if you’re going to be in town this December, you already know where to be.

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