Rs 70 crore spent to beautify Lucknow ahead of UP Investors Summit 2018!

The preparations for Investors Summit (February 21-22) in Lucknow, have completely turned around the city and made it look prettier than ever. Haven’t you been talking about and appreciating how pretty the city looks in the newly put up lights, in the evenings?

Roads have been renovated, the street lights on the main roads have been decorated with led lights, water has once again started to flow in the dried up fountains, on major crossroads and even the residential areas are now glowing brightly, with new street lights.

This could also be a new start towards making Lucknow a cleaner city. Cleanliness drive is on in the city, in a full swing. Workers scrubbing pavements on main roads and cleaning the residential areas, is a common sight these days. Investors Summit might be an event for a few days, but the onus of keeping the city as beautiful as it looks now, lies also on the people.

A massive budget of 70 crores, to make the city gear up for the Mega Show

The three main bodies, LDA, LMC and PWD have been working together to beautify the city for the upcoming event. The state government has spent more than a sum of Rs. 70 crore, for the renovation of roads, fountains, dividers, parks, heritage areas and prominent localities, in the capital city.

Indira Gandhi Pratisthan in Gomti Nagar, the venue for the Summit, has also undergone a makeover. IGP will be hosting more than 1000 guests, from around the world.

What does the Investors Summit aim at?

This is a major opportunity for Uttar Pradesh to attract big businesses, create job opportunities and make UP a hub for entrepreneurs by offering them favourable working conditions.

The state government is already working on policies suitable for the entrepreneurs, which should bring more business in the state

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