We all love tea. This is a statement and not a question because we live in a country that runs on tea. The morning and evening chai ritual is what defines our day, the small tea breaks relax us and "chai p charcha" is a very real thing. Surrounded by generations of chai aficionados, it is natural that we too love the milk tea. Since this generation is more "angrez" than the last, we also love us some boujee AF green and herbal teas.

You probably already get my drift, but nonetheless; if tea is what you heart is set on and you need a place to hang, there's nothing better than Samocha.

Samocha: Stories around chai, is a concept that isn't new for us. We have been creating stories and discussing stories around tea from so long. The idea of "tea" is often related to gossip or new information. There is a phrase popularized by youtube sensation Shane Dawson "What's the tea?" and we live by it. We also live by the saying "Where is the tea?" (because we want some) and the answer is Samocha.

This quaint tea joint is quite humble in its appearance, it has simple interiors and a chill vibe. But the food here is what keeps you hooked. They are known for tea and they make all sorts of tea, from English Earl Grey to Assam Oolong, Kashmiri Kahwa, Silver Needle and desi cutting. Any kind and any sort of tea you want, you'll get it here.

And to add on to the charm of the place, they also serve classic snacks with the tea. So if you want to enjoy a classic adrak/elaichi ki chai you can pair it with samosa or chana samosa. If you're readying to sip on some English Breakfast, they have biscuits and cake rusks. And if you wish to make a mosh pit of food, go ahead, they have shakes and smoothies, sandwiches, bun maska, maggi, pasta, nachos.

Samocha also have something for that one chai hater. If you are/have that weird, odd one out dude in a group of chai lovers try something different with cold coffees, slushies and coolers.

S, there you have it, next time the love of chai awaken you, head to Samocha and grab a cup.

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