It is true that Jio is testing its broadband services in certain parts of India, which includes Delhi and Mumbai. However, media reports suggest that it will take a couple of months to fully launch in India. While a Lucknow launch may happen by 2018 end.

Jio Fiber is the much-awaited broadband internet service by Reliance Jio. It was first announced in September 2016. Jio Fiber promises to deliver 1GBPS speed with a consistent speed of 100mbps.

The plan listed on Jio’s website includes a one-time setup fee of Rs 4500 with 3 months of unlimited data with 100mbps speed.

While Jio Fiber will still take a couple of months to launch in Lucknow, we bring to you 5 alternatives, which promise 100mbps+ speeds.

1. Sikka Broadband

From last 5 years, Sikka is the leader in providing Fiber Internet services in Lucknow. Sikka’s plan starts at just Rs 499 and goes up to Rs 9999/month. The 100mbps internet plan is priced at Rs 999. We have earlier posted an article on 1GBPS fibre internet service in Lucknow offered by Sikka. The 1GBPS plans costs Rs 9999/month.

2. Tachyon Broadband

Tachyon Broadband offers fibre to home service in Lucknow. Just like Sikka, its plan also starts at Rs 499 but Tachyon also offers unlimited high-speed broadband plans. Tachyon offers 100mbps internet with unlimited download for just Rs 1499 per month. Tachyon also offers 200mbps internet plans starting at just Rs 1799/month.

3. Railwire

Yes, it is the same company which powers 650+ railway stations with high-speed wifi. Railtel aims to deliver high-speed broadband to all cable connected homes. In Lucknow, a 50mbps Railwire plans starts at Rs 2199/month. It offers a 100mbps plan for Rs 2999. While Railwire is costlier than both Sikka & Tachyon, it is a service which we can trust as it powers more than 650 railway stations in India.

Apart from these 3 services, Airtel and BSNL are always present in Lucknow to provide you with reliable internet connection at affordable prices. While the Rs 499 per month pack with 50mbps speed looks inexpensive, it is to be noted that all these packs come with a download limit after which speeds are restricted to 1mbps or 2mbps.

Yes, we can now experience blazing fast internet speeds in our vicinity as Sikka’s fiber broadband network is now providing upto 1GBPS speed in Lucknow.

For Rs 1499, a user gets 100mbps speed with a data capping of 320gb, after which the speed will drop to 2mbps. While for Rs 1999 a user will get 100mbps speed with 500gb of high-speed data bandwidth.

Sikka also brings 1GBPS speed broadband plan to Lucknow. Yes, you read that right, you can experience 1GBPS speed in Lucknow, thanks to Sikka’s high-speed broadband network.

For Rs 9999 per month, a user will get 1GBPS speed with a high-speed data capping of 1500gb

Sikka had earlier provided free wifi spots in Hazratganj and is known for its fast speed network. We just can’t wait to use Netflix in Ultra HD mode on Sikka’s network. The blazing fast speed will definitely take away our buffering problems.

While it is still unclear when Jio Fiber will launch in Lucknow, Airtel’s V Fiber is giving a tough competition to Sikka. Also, other small ISPs such as Tachyon broadband is also offering high-speed broadband services here.