Audiophiles, listen up! The Flipkart Festive Dhamaka Sale has gone live today and they have some insane discounts on those headphones you had your eyes on. With up to 70% discounts on some of the best in ear, over ear and on ear earphones and headphones, you can treat yourself and your loved ones this festive season.

Here is a list of 7 of the most budget friendly deals on headsets you can find.

Mi Basic Wired Headset w/Mic

Xiaomi is known for its multitude of high quality accessories at an affordable price. This season, you can get these amazing headsets at a 33% discount. Priced at just Rs. 399, these will be the cheapest in ear headsets you can buy that have a premium feel and high quality sound. Paired with a mic, it makes these the perfect headsets for every occasion.

Original Price - Rs. 599 | Discount Price - Rs. 399

JBL C150SI w/Mic

With a 42% discount, you should surely have a look at this in ear headset. JBL is regarded as one of the best and most popular brands in India when it comes to audio peripherals. JBL’s True Bass technology aims to deliver crisp sound quality making for some very immersive experiences. It comes in three different colours options.

Original Price - Rs. 1,399 | Discount Price - Rs 799

Motorola Pulse Max Headset w/Mic

Featuring huge 40mm drivers, these over the ear headsets will surely keep the magic of your music alive. With solid build quality, they are quite comfortable to wear because of the top padding. You can easily wear them for prolonged periods of time without feeling any sense of discomfort. At a huge 58% discount, they are a bargain not to be missed.

Original Price - Rs. 2,499 | Discount Price - Rs. 1,049

JBL T250SI Wired Headphones

Another one of JBL’s headsets makes its way on to this list. The adjustable side cups make it a perfect fit for just about everyone. Not to mention the powerful sound which makes you one with the music is backed by JBL’s own signature sound technology. At a 64% discount, you should grab these as soon as you can.

Original Price - Rs. 2,499 | Discount Price - Rs. 899

Sony MDR-ZX310APBCE Headset w/Mic

Sony has some really good headphones in its lineup. They however, may be slightly on the expensive side. But the sale is offering a huge discount on one of the best selling over the ear headphones Sony has. The Sony MDR ZX has an impressive 30mm audio driver to deliver dynamic sound quality for all your music, movie and gaming related needs. These are discounted by 54% and are available in three different colours.

Original Price - Rs. 2,190 | Discount Price - Rs. 999

Skullcandy Anti Headphone

One of the most preferred international audio peripheral brands just got a whole lot more affordable. You can rock the Skullcandy Anti Headphone in four different colours - blue, red, black and white. With adjustable ear cups and soft padding, they will become an instant favorite for you as you plug these in and experience the magic. The matte finish of the product gives it a very premium feel and at a 50% discount, they are an audiophile’s dream.

Original Price - Rs. 1,999 | Discount Price - Rs. 999