Side-effects of Diwali? AQI worsens & Lucknow struggles to breathe clean air

Lucknow was reported to be the most polluted city a few days before Diwali and even after four long days of the festival, Lucknow still finds it difficult to breathe in the city.

The air quality in Lucknow was recorded at 326 on Wednesday, October 30.

The aftermath of Diwali and the increase in vehicular pollution, owing to the festivals, can be held directly responsible for the deterioration in the air quality.

What's the update?

The air quality index (AQI) of Lucknow showed constant deterioration and stood at 326 on October 30, 2 days after Diwali. The air quality which was recorded at 186 on October 26 shot up several notches and decided to rest in the "very poor" category for good.

The Diwali fireworks, changing weather, high humidity and low wind velocity are a few factors that can be attributed to this radical shift. The entire city has been covered with a thick layer of smog and it is increasingly difficult to breathe in the air.

How to cope with the pollution?

Lucknow is a city in high gears of development and we see a ton of construction and vehicular movement owing to the same. With most of the residents out and about, pollution is one of the biggest health hazards. If you're someone who is travelling in crowded areas, we suggest covering your face or wearing masks.

The Pm 2.5 and Pm 10 concentration in the air can cause not only respiratory issues but also redness and itchiness of the eyes. We would recommend our readers to go out in public wearing glasses, especially if their eyes are particularly sensitive.

Also, consult a doctor immediately if you're facing trouble breathing or are experiencing skin rashes or eye infections among other things.

Knock Knock

The air quality has become a major concern for Lucknow and the people living here. Necessary precautions are a must before stepping out of the house, till the situation improves.

Lucknow is most famously known as the city of Nawabs. The name, though many think is given to the city because it was ruled by the Nawabs for many years, is more so because of the impact the Nawabs had on Lucknow's culture and its common life.

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You can soon catch a flight from Lucknow to 5 new cities. The cities include- Varanasi, Ghaziabad, Bareilly, Hindon and Prayagraj. The flights to the aforementioned cities will ensure that commuters can travel with ease and save their precious time.

While most of these cities are well connected to Lucknow via road and rail routes, it often takes commuters a better part of the day to travel between the said cities. The air-link will not only help improve the connectivity between these cities but would also ensure that a less time consuming route is developed here.

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Lucknow, much like other cities in the country, has pretty bad traffic. The roads are brimming with vehicles which means that most roads in the city aren't pedestrian friendly. The roads are mostly choking with vehicles trying to rush past each other and reach their destination with warp speed and those on foot are left trying to navigating their way out of the chokehold.

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Lucknow as a city is inherently romantic. Though, we instantly start thinking about romantic relationships when we talk about romanticism, yet romance as a concept is entirely different. You can find romance lurking at every corner, even in instances of daily life. From the flutter of a lacey curtain on a quiet evening to the way the sunlight hits the small swing-set on your balcony, romance can be found if you look for it.

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