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Complete lockdown in Mumbai leads to empty roads and beaches; fear of COVID-19 increases

In what seems to be perhaps the most logical move towards staying safe and healthy, the Mumbai Government has announced that the entire city will be on lockdown until further notice. This comes as part of a precautionary measure to curb the impact of the novel coronavirus.

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Coronavirus Mumbai: City 'sleeps' as the virus affects the 'dreams'

Coronavirus scare in Mumbai: Office in 'work from home' mode, joggers banned from coming out, Juhu beach out of bounds, doors of Siddhivinayak locked, IIT Bombay virtually shut and people now only connected through a 6-inch device- Mumbai is now on a brink of a lockdown.

But is there any light at the end of this long tunnel? Yes, the government and the authorities are pulling every plug to keep us safe and well the government actions are yielding positive results! Read on to find out more-

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Coronovirus live updates: India has no cases of community transmission, yet

No matter where you live, the Coronavirus situation has most likely reached your terrain or at least, is close enough to make you indulge in social-distancing. For the uninitiated, COVID-19 is a highly infectious respiratory disease caused by a new strain of coronavirus, which was was discovered in China back in December 2019.

Since then it has spread all over the globe and of course, India being the second most populated country in the world, has reported a number of cases as well although it isn't as severe as the conditions in Italy and China right now. Amidst this chaos of illnesses and demises, the good news is that India has not yet faced community transmission and it still is in stage 2 (local transmission) of the Covid-19 outbreak.

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Amid coronavirus scare, Mumbai Metro organises a disinfection cum cleanliness drive

Coronavirus fear has taken over the globe and much like the rest of the world, India too has been dealing with its share of patients and panic. Two cases of the airborne disease have been intercepted in Mumbai and the panic has spread like the epidemic itself. Amid the fear of the coronavirus spread, Mumbai Metro was quick to ensure the safety of the commuters in the city.

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