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12 men found in Lucknow's Sadar are from Saharanpur; area disinfected

Lucknow has been under the radar when it comes to the rising number of Covid-19 cases in the country. While the last Covid 19 positive case in Lucknow on 31st March, after being virus free for 9 days, 12 new cases have surfaced in the city, yesterday itself. The number of positive cases in Lucknow soared yesterday after 12 men who were found in the city's Sadar mosque tested positive for the life claiming disease.

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Here is a list of medical stores in Lucknow, which are providing home delivery services

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and 21 days of lockdown issued by the authorities, we're all confined to our homes. But the concerned administrators have also kept the basic needs of the citizens in mind and have brought in relevant regulations and directives as per the situation.

Medicines fall under the category of essential commodities and to our relief, there are pharmacies in Lucknow which are providing the residents with door-to-door delivery services. This step is intended towards decreasing the number of people out in the streets and this delivery system will also put a cap on the panic buying situation which has taken over the residents right now.

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Coronavirus Lucknow Update: No new Covid-19 case reported in the city since March 20th!

We are all currently under a 3 week long lockdown. Being trapped inside our own homes with little to cheer us up, the mood across the nation is quite dreary. However, we have a piece of news that just might cheer your dull faces up. Lucknow has not seen any new Coronavirus case since 20th March.

On last Friday, 4 new Covid-19 positive cases were reported in Lucknow and since then no new coronavirus case has been reported in Lucknow.

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Officials in Lucknow to start home delivery of essential commodities with 8065 delivery executives

India as of 25th March, went into a 21-day lockdown which has been implied across the country for better protection against the Covid-19 pandemic. The lockdown has been put in place to ensure that the contagious coronavirus disease does not spread to a huge number of people in the country and can be contained. To ensure a panic is not created in the state capital and people get the basic amenities they require, Lucknow administration has put in place a home delivery system for essential commodities.

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Kudos to the real-life heroes, who are bravely handling the lockdown in Lucknow

Compassionate, Understanding, Helpful, Cooperative, Sympathetic and Considerate are the words which we would like to use to define the behaviour of UP Police today. We were out today to cover how the lockdown situation in Lucknow is and how the cops are handling it. Contrary to the videos that are surfacing on the internet where cops are hitting the people, we found them doing their job with a lot of a compassion and not the lathis.

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