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With awareness programmes & more, Shramik Bharti NGO is helping rural Kanpur fight the pandemic

The acute shortage of necessary amenities- such as oxygen cylinders, during the second wave of the ongoing pandemic, created chaos among the residents of Kanpur. During these tough times, several individuals and organisations have stepped forward to assist the needy and are helping in placating the situation. One among these organisations is Shramik Bharti, a Kanpur-based charity organisation, whose efforts in catering to the rural and urban population of Kanpur are noteworthy.

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Curfew in Goa extended till 31 May amid an upward trajectory of infections!

On Friday, the administrative authorities of Goa extended the lockdown till May 31, which was supposed to terminate originally on May 23. Since Goa has the second-highest positivity rate in the country, after Lakshadweep, this move has been implemented in an attempt to flatten the curve. Hit doubly hard during the current time, owing to both the pandemic and Cyclone Tauktae, the situation in Goa is being closely monitored by the officials for imparting proper rescue and relief to the residents.

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Pandemic a hiccup yet again in the love affair of Lucknowites & Malihabadi Dasheris!

"In my view, there are only two essential points about mangoes: they should be sweet and they should be plentiful." This is what Mirza Ghalib had to say about the 'King of Fruits' and according to us, there is not a single Lucknowite who would differ with this opinion.

The reason for such immense love for this fruit traces its lineage back to the era of Nawabs, when the discreet town of Malihabad, located some 30 km from Lucknow, flourished as the centre for luscious mangoes. However, the mango-mania that has gripped the citizens since time immemorial, has taken a hit during this pandemic as the prolonged corona curfew is keeping mango lovers away from fruit markets!

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Despite an improvement in oxygen supply & bed availability, Lucknowites still stranded for help

The fourth week of March heralded the arrival of the second wave of Coronavirus in Lucknow and now that it has been 3-4 weeks, we can expect more recoveries in the upcoming weeks. In the last 24 hours alone, 5960 patients have been discharged post their recovery, which is the direct result of the efforts put in by the medical fraternity and the state government to manage this crisis. However, this light at the end of a dark tunnel seems to be lacking in warmth! So, even though the situation has considerably improved in the past 15 days, the conundrum of the adequacy of the measures put in force still persists.

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Serosurvey conducted by BMC reveals increasing seropositivity in non-slum areas of Mumbai

As per a survey conducted by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation, seropositivity is surging in non-slum areas but a decrease has been noticed in Mumbai's slum pockets. This result is in tandem with the high number of covid positive victims being identified daily in the non-slum areas of the city. The serosurvey further furnished that women have more antibodies than men to fight the coronavirus, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) claimed on Saturday. Reportedly, there was 37.12% seropositivity among women as compared to 35.02% in men, involved in the research.

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