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More than 70% of the eligible population in Lucknow partially vaccinated

In a notable achievement, the COVID vaccination drive in Lucknow has been very successful in ensuring partial immunisation to around 73% of the registered citizens. As per records, approximately 7.2 lakh individuals are fully inoculated against the deadly virus while the CoWin portal indicates that around 26.9 lakh jabs have been administered in the city, so far.

According to a survey conducted by Knocksense, it is being estimated that all of Lucknow's eligible population, i.e., people above 18, will at least be partially inoculated before Diwali. In August 2021, the city's vaccination drive reached new heights, with the inoculation of about 7.5 lakh individuals, out of which 64% were first-timers.

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Mumbai-based MediCircle introduces internationally approved SprectraLIT testing tool in India

A Mumbai-based diagnostic company, MediCircle launched a portable COVID-19 testing tool on Monday. This testing platform is powered by artificial intelligence that taps into the process of machine learning and delivers results in just one second. Christened as SpectraLIT- Spectral Instant Test, it detects the virus by detecting its spectral signature from using nasal or mouthwash samples and eliminates the need for complex lab equipment and chemicals.

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THIS 12-yo specially-abled child from Indore defeated COVID with her can-do attitude!

A specially-abled child from Indore, Simi Dutt, has won the battle against COVID-19 by staying in home isolation and taking her medication on time. Despite the limitations originating out of an under-developed left lung, a kidney and hand, this class 7 student has managed to overcome all odds with her assuredly optimistic attitude. Simi Dutt's story is an example of bravery, for not only does she have a strong will but she has always strived for self-sufficiency.

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Goa curfew extended till 5th July due to rising threat of Delta Plus variant of COVID-19

Earlier, the curfew in Goa was scheduled to be lifted in the morning hours of June 28. However, on Saturday, the Chief Minister of Goa informed via Twitter that the state-level curfew will be extended till 5th July. This decision has been taken as a precautionary measure against the Delta Plus variant of COVID-19. While no cases of this new strain have been reported in Goa as of yet, its neighbouring state Maharashtra has recorded 21 cases, which is the highest tally noted among all states in India.

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State Govt directs courts & other judicial offices in Goa to start functioning on "normal basis"

As of now, the courts and other judicial offices have been looking only into urgent matters and working under reduced timings. However, on Monday, the Goa government noted that there is a decline in the number of COVID-19 cases across the state. Consequently, all courts, commissions appointed by the state and quasi-judicial authorities have been directed to resume functioning on a "normal basis" and instructed to ensure that COVID protocols are followed within the office premises.

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