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Roshan Jacob: Kerala-born IAS officer was at the forefront of pandemic management in Lucknow

On April 17, Kerala-born IAS officer Roshan Jacob took over the administrative duties as Lucknow's District Magistrate and Special Officer incharge of COVID management (Lucknow), at a time when the city was suffocating under the bloating second COVID wave. Collectively, 2,37,858 individuals have been affected by the virus in Lucknow and the major proportion of these infections, were witnessed during the months of April and May.

The city was reeling under a major COVID crisis, when this IAS officer had undertaken the arduous task of ridding the city of the pandemic's stranglehold. Now, Jacob's assiduous efforts have reaped a hefty chunk of respite from infections in the city.

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Lockdown to be revoked in Lucknow on Wednesday after a 39-day long halt!

After the active tallies dropped below 600 on Tuesday, the officials have decided to revoke the lockdown restrictions in Lucknow. Implemented for the first time on May 1 for a period of 3 days, the lockdown witnessed multiple extensions and the curfew is on its 39th day now. As per reports, the authorities have informed that the restraints shall be inapplicable from 7 AM on Wednesday and the related guidelines will be released by the district commissioner by evening.

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Infection tallies decelerate in Lucknow with 617 new cases reported on Saturday!

Succeeding three weeks of heightened spikes in COVID numbers, the last week has brought a sigh of relief for the city folks. With 617 new cases and a total of 2,317 discharges recorded on Saturday, the active tallies shrunk in the city to a count of 12,474. Now, the city houses the second most number of COVID patients in Uttar Pradesh and this tally is expected to take an accelerated downward trajectory if the current trend continues.

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Lucknow's COVID graph descends further with 1,153 new infections on Tuesday

After weeks of unprecedented surges in COVID tallies, the daily count of fresh infections is gradually reverting to a controlled and manageable count. With consistent dips observed in the past 3 days, 1,153 new cases were logged on Tuesday, along with 3,229 recoveries. Due to the rising count of recoveries and falling number of new detections, the tally of active cases has also contracted in Lucknow, standing at 19,842 on Tuesday.

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