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THESE 5 corporates are easing the pandemic scenario in Lucknow, Mumbai, Jaipur & other cities

With the second surge of the global pandemic currently bearing down upon India, several covid-relief operations are ongoing across all cities. Even the corporate giants have come forward to help the country during these tough times with initiatives spanning from donations, health insurance policies to vaccination awareness drives and more.

This article charts the COVID-relief campaigns undertaken by 5 private companies- MakeMyTrip (MMT), Maersk, Amazon India, Canon India and ARTPARK in various cities, including Lucknow, Mumbai and Jaipur, among others.

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Oxygen generation hack devised by IIT Bombay to address India's LMO shortage!

In a novel achievement, IIT Bombay has developed a simple tech hack that can convert a nitrogen plant to an oxygen generating unit, an official said here on Thursday. This opens up an avenue that can single-handedly address the acute shortage of medical-grade oxygen across the country, amid the pandemic hour. The success of this pilot project has not only manufactured the lifesaving gas but also hope among lakhs of affected people, in times of dread and despair.

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