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IIT Kanpur to track & assess the causes of rising air pollution in Delhi

Stepping forward to a greener and cleaner environment, Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC) has signed an MoU with the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. With the materialisation of this agreement, the top-notch technical institution will work to uncover the causes of air pollution in Delhi. Reportedly, IIT-K will conduct weekly, monthly and seasonal checks to investigate the reasons of impure air. Consequently, it would give suggestions for better management and mitigation.

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India's first electric highway likely to be built on the Jaipur-Delhi stretch by March 2022

In a green upgrade, the Jaipur-Delhi expressway is expected to get India's first-ever electric corridor to power e-vehicles. As per reports, the Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has reached out to a foreign company to build the new e-highway and the project is likely to shape up by March '22. The proposed plan is pegged to promote the usage of e-vehicles in the country, categorically reducing pollution caused by automobile emissions.

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Upcoming Delhi-Mumbai Expressway to reduce travel time between 2 cities to 12.5 hours!

Estimated to stretch over a length of 1,380 km, the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway is all set to be the longest expressway in the country. Connecting the national capital with the financial capital of India, the expressway would halve the time of commute between the two cities from about 24 hours to 12.5 hours, reportedly. Besides, the upcoming establishment will also reduce the distance by 130 Km, benefitting the regular commuters in a number of ways.

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Delhi HC's landmark verdict highlights the rights of strays & those feeding them

The Delhi High Court brought the rights of strays to the foreground with its verdict that includes details regarding feeding and management of the animals. While strays have the right to food, the citizens and canine feeding communities also have the right to feed them. As such, the court has issued parallel directives for the people and the law enforcement agencies to ensure that no harm, harassment, hindrance or nuisance is caused to the strays or those feeding them or other individuals and members of the society.

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IIT-Kanpur joins hands with IIT-Delhi & TERI to trace real-time pollutants in country's capital

The alarming escalation of pollution in the National Capital Territory of Delhi has always been a cause of concern, however, an effective battle has now been waged by IIT-Kanpur to curb and control it, systematically. The premier institute, under the authority of the Delhi Government, has joined forces with IIT-Delhi and TERI to implement a technology that will help identify the factors of pollution, in real-time. These can be then tackled by targetted techniques for best results.

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