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No respite from Dengue in Indore; total tally crosses 1000 mark with 21 new cases on Friday

21 new dengue cases have been detected in the last 24 hours in Indore. With this, the cumulative tally of this vector-borne disease in the city has crossed the 1000-mark. As per reports, out of the total number of new cases reported yesterday, 10 were children.

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24 new dengue cases recorded in Indore on Wednesday raising alarms about a re-surge

Marking a hike in the dengue case tallies, 24 fresh cases were recorded in Indore on Wednesday. With these new additions, the total cumulative count of individuals affected by the vector-borne disease in Indore stands at 513 cases, as of October 6. Notably, this spike has been registered after a halt of 2 days, which raises concerns amongst the health officials and city dwellers.

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Dengue caseload takes a downward trajectory across rural areas of Indore

With the declining number of dengue patients, citizens in Indore can see a silver lining finally. Reportedly, the case count in rural areas has sloped downwards from the last two weeks, as indicated by the survey conducted by health officials in the city. As per reports, the logs of October 2 show a dip in the patient tally to around 4% in the rural sector, compared to an average dengue rate of about 6% recorded in September.

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Indore's dengue total tally rises to 415 with 15 new cases on Tuesday

A fresh surge of 15 new dengue cases was reported in Indore on Tuesday, pushing the cumulative tally to 415 infections this season. As per reports, around 8 men and 7 women tested positive for the vector-borne disease in the last 24 hours here, even as children nurse the highest share of the infections clocked in until now. Data records reveal that around 87 cases of the season total have been reported among children. This suggests that every fifth dengue infection in Indore plagues a child below 15 years of age.

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Indore witnesses a spike in dengue cases for 2 consecutive weeks; tally rises to 307

Indore is currently facing twice the troubles amid a rampant dengue rise and the fear of a forthcoming third wave of COVID-19. Reportedly, the district has been recording a surge in dengue cases for over 2 consecutive weeks now, pushing the caseload to over 300 this month. As per the health department, about 19 and 22 new cases were clocked here on Monday and Tuesday, respectively, taking the cumulative count to 307 patients.

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