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Dengue tally rises to 298 in Kanpur with 13 fresh cases registered on Wednesday

Amid the continuing spread of Dengue in Uttar Pradesh, Kanpur recorded 13 more cases on Wednesday. As per reports, the new infections reported in the city have pushed Kanpur's cumulative Dengue tally to a total of 298 cases. Out of the total registered numbers, 237 patients have been recorded in rural areas of Kanpur, read reports. On the other hand, the remaining 61 infections were identified in the urban regions of the district.

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Indore's dengue tally rises to 225 with 22 fresh cases on Friday

Amid the prevalent surge of dengue disease in Madhya Pradesh, Indore recorded the highest spike of fresh cases for the second consecutive day on Friday. Around 22 new dengue infections were recorded on September 17, pushing the total tally to the 225 mark. Reportedly, the CMO has advised people to undertake precautionary measures to curtail the spread of all vector-borne and communicable diseases.
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Indore records the sharpest daily dengue spike this year, with 21 new cases on Thursday

Amidst the pervasive spread of dengue in Madhya Pradesh, Indore has recorded the season's highest single-day fresh tally, on Thursday. Reportedly, 21 new dengue infections were detected on September 16, pushing Indore's total tally to 203 cases, as of now. This has raised concerns across the district, for the disease count is rising despite the implementation of several restrictive measures.

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Dengue and viral fever cases on a rise in Kanpur

Amid the rampant dengue spread across Uttar Pradesh, Kanpur reported as many as 9 new cases on Tuesday, pushing the district's total tally to about 103 infections. As informed by the Kanpur Chief Medical Officer Dr. Ashok Shukla, the rural regions are contributing the most to this caseload, with 80 cases, as yet. Reportedly, malaria and typhoid are also on the rise here, adding to the administration's health concerns.

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