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Sharp decline in new dengue cases, witnessed in Uttar Pradesh

Amid the rising concerns of seasonal flu and pandemic, a decline in the number of dengue cases in Lucknow has brought a great respite to authorities and the public alike. As of Sunday, the state is nursing only 32 active patients, marking a definite drop from the previous tallies. While Kanpur alone accounts for 16 of these cases, the disease is well-contained in restricted pockets, furthering the recovery trends.

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No respite from Dengue in Indore; total tally crosses 1000 mark with 21 new cases on Friday

21 new dengue cases have been detected in the last 24 hours in Indore. With this, the cumulative tally of this vector-borne disease in the city has crossed the 1000-mark. As per reports, out of the total number of new cases reported yesterday, 10 were children.

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36 new dengue cases reported in Lucknow on Wednesday

Amid the rapid spread of dengue in Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow has reported the maximum number of cases this year with a current tally of over 575 cases. Reportedly, 36 new dengue cases were detected in the city on October 13. The surge in cases even after the implementation of mitigation and preventive measures, is a cause of concern for the authorities.

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66 new dengue cases reported in Lucknow on Friday

66 people in Lucknow tested positive for dengue on Friday, marking the sharpest single-day spike of this season. This fresh load has taken the total count to over 500 cases here, read reports. The rise in cases has raised alarms across the district, forcing the health department to issued notices to around 27 houses in the city that are vulnerable to mosquito-borne conditions.

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Dengue spread intensifies in Lucknow with 26 new cases on Friday

The dengue rise in Lucknow reached yet another high on Friday when around 26 fresh infections were reported here. With this, the city's cumulative dengue tally stands at a total of 279 cases. While Lucknow's dengue spread has been prevalent for the past 9 months, about 214 cases of the total surge were detected in August and September alone. This marks the rampant spread of the vector-borne disease in the state capital, raising health concerns.

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