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Ahead of International Meatless Day, PETA India launch an event in Lucknow at Gomti Riverfront!

In an attempt to promote veganism, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India supporters will be "barbecuing" a dog-prop on a grill in Lucknow on Wednesday. This event will take place at the Gomti Riverfront tomorrow, a day before International Meatless Day which is celebrated on November 25 every year. The event aims to target the sentiment of people by using man's best friend and encourage them to adopt vegan lifestyle by saying no to animal and dairy products.

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Get your pets registered or pay a hefty fine of ₹1200: Kanpur Municipal Corporation

As per new orders by Kanpur Municipal Corporation, citizens will now have to inform the authorities before bringing home a pet. Those failing to do so will have to pay a hefty fine of ₹1200, irrespective of breed and size. The Municipal Corporation is also planning to bring pet clinics under the purview of the license.

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Helping & fostering strays, THESE 5 collectives are leading animal welfare in Lucknow!

"He who feeds a hungry animal feeds his own soul", said Charlie Chaplin and his words have become the driving force for some samaritans working for animal welfare in Lucknow. Motivated by their innate will to serve the diverse inhabitants of our combined ecosystem, these altruistic individuals have redefined the meaning of compassion and kindness. So here are the 5 welfare collectives, that are ensuring easier and happier lives for animals through umpteen initiatives!

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An inspiration to many, Kanpur's 'Bezubaan' fosters strays & voices their stories!

The World Humanitarian Day falls on August 19th, every year, to commemorate the work of all extraordinary humans who have dedicated their lives to support various causes for the betterment of mankind. So on this special day, we are gripped by an equally interesting tale of an animal lover, Vivek Tiwari, who has been running an NGO for the past 9 years now.

'Bezubaan' is home to around 40 strays, who cannot fend for themselves even after being treated and you've to read on to know more about this noble initiative that has changed the lives of many over its course!

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