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Dengue impact in Jaipur's urban areas soars to a new peak with 922 cases so far!

Amidst the persistent dengue scourge in Jaipur, the disease spread in urban areas shoulders a tally higher than that of rural limits. With 922 cases coming from the city and 795 from the remote set-ups, the Pink City is facing an epidemic and it's raising concerns across. Reportedly, the Jaipur Municipal Corporation is undertaking a new plan of action for all anti-larvae operations each day, based on an area-wise list prepared by the health department daily for dengue prevention.

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Indore's dengue total tally rises to 415 with 15 new cases on Tuesday

A fresh surge of 15 new dengue cases was reported in Indore on Tuesday, pushing the cumulative tally to 415 infections this season. As per reports, around 8 men and 7 women tested positive for the vector-borne disease in the last 24 hours here, even as children nurse the highest share of the infections clocked in until now. Data records reveal that around 87 cases of the season total have been reported among children. This suggests that every fifth dengue infection in Indore plagues a child below 15 years of age.

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Indore's dengue tally rises to 225 with 22 fresh cases on Friday

Amid the prevalent surge of dengue disease in Madhya Pradesh, Indore recorded the highest spike of fresh cases for the second consecutive day on Friday. Around 22 new dengue infections were recorded on September 17, pushing the total tally to the 225 mark. Reportedly, the CMO has advised people to undertake precautionary measures to curtail the spread of all vector-borne and communicable diseases.
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