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Chug down a glass of Urak & quench your thirst for a breezy Goan summer!

Commonly referred to as Jungle Juice, Urak is the quintessential, hangover-free fluid concoction and it is a staple among Goans who are looking to beat the summer heat. Feni may be the most famous Goan drink but it is popularly believed that conversations happen to be more pleasant with the light-headedness induced by a glass of Urak. So if you are in Goa and wish to rejuvenate your soul, whether post-party or to escape the heat, then hop to the nearest wine shop or local pub for a refreshing sip of Urak!

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Add Boho-chic essentials to your wardrobe while curbing your cravings at Goa's Mermaid's Boutique

As soon as the thought of 'Goa' pops in your head, it is followed by a quick glance at your wardrobe, isn't it?! Well, this may be because Goa has been a creative hub for fashion designers and boutiques, which have wrapped the state in a colourful and oh-so boho fashion vibe! One such modiste is Katja Grew, who has set up a vibrant shop near Anjuna Beach by the name of Mermaid's Boutique, where you can treat yourself to a shopping session as you enjoy their delicacies. So even if you cannot find clothes that vibe with the Goan aura before you step into the state, once you are here, this boutique will not let you leave empty-handed.

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