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THIS agricultural system was developed by Goan tribals way before the Portuguese invasion

Khazans are an important part of the traditional aqua-agro integrated system prevalent in the tribal communities of Goa, that lived even before its Portuguese occupation. They are managed by local communities for equitable sharing of resources among fishers and farmers. However, with rapid urbanisation and development across Goa, these pieces of history are getting replaced by modern structures. So let's embark upon an educational tour of ancient Goan practices as we take a look at the importance and history of Khazans!

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THESE 5 must-visit gates across Goa are doorways to the state's rich history & culture

Goa was home to several tribes and rulers before Vasco da Gama discovered it and there are many more such facts that are layered under generic pieces of information available about this sunshine state. Therefore, in an attempt to go beyond the parties and shacks and to give you a sneak-peek of Goan history, here are 5 important gates across the state that recount the tales of yore. So let's embark upon an offbeat journey of chronicling the social, cultural and political aspects of Goa through these gates.

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