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The Tourism Department of Goa has slashed down the beach shack license fee by 50%

With the announcement of the much-awaited Tourism Policy 2020, the Chief Minister of Goa has also stated that the license fee for beach shacks has been reduced by 50%. This decision is in line with one of the most important demands of shack owners in the state, who had requested the authorities to waive off or at least cut down on the high license fees. The government has paid heed to the demand, as it is clearly a Herculean task to kick-start tourism activities without hearing out the issues of the shack owners. The government has further approved the extension of the date of payment of the renewal fees and the new date is marked at December 31, 2020.

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North Goa beach shacks likely to reopen from next month

One thing that the Covid-19 pandemic has drastically changed is the way people travel. Now, people mostly travel for business purposes and no longer travel for leisure. However, from next month, North Goa's beach shacks are reopening, meaning that this is the perfect time to rekindle your passion for the sandy beaches, the ocean and travelling.

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Demarcation process of beach shacks in North Goa has begun; to be started in South Goa soon

As per reports, the tourism department has commenced the demarcation process of beach shacks along Goa's North coastal belt, which includes Calangute, Candolim and Anjuna. Officials are expecting the exercise to be completed within another two weeks. The start of this process of area allotment for the beach shacks, has provided a major relief to many business owners as they have been waiting to resume their operations soon. This year, due to the pandemic at hand, the previously chalked out schedule for October has been delayed.

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Goa plans to provide 50% license fee rebate to beach shacks as COVID relief

The Ports Minister on Friday announced the state government's decision to provide a 50% concession in the fees of beach shack operating license. This rebate has been offered as a relief with respect to the losses procured by the owners and licensees due to the pandemic. Besides this, he has also requested the Chief Minister to seek an EMI moratorium period extension from the Reserve Bank of India for the state's tourism business which has accounted monetary setbacks as a consequence of precautionary lockdowns.

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