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Badminton game for seniors to be hosted in Goa, under the banner of Enthu Cutlets Carnival

Organised by badminton enthusiasts, the Enthu Cutlets Carnival will be the first offline sporting event in Goa since the coronavirus induced lockdown. The national-level senior badminton event will host about 200 participants from across the country at Goa's Panaji. All matches of this event will be scheduled at the Campal Indoor stadium in the state capital from November 25 to November 29. A member of the core organising committee has stated that the matches will be conducted in compliance to the state established COVID-19 protocols.

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New SOP makes isolation rooms mandatory in Goa hotels, in a bid to arrest covid cases

The Goa government is working on a new SOP, which will make it compulsory for all hotels in the state to maintain isolation rooms for tourists and guests who test positive for Covid-19, Health Minister said on Wednesday. He also notified that the state Health Ministry is working to scale up the daily coronavirus testing quantum to an average of 2,000 tests every day.

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A Silent Night for Christmas in Goa; Merry-making to be mellowed this year amid covid outbreak

The glitter and pomp of Goa's Christmas may not shine as bright as usual in the backdrop of the volatile COVID-19 pandemic as the state Archbishop urges local churches to hold low-key celebrations during the festive season. This decision will have a direct impact on the tourism activity in the state, which floats at its trough during the Yuletide season.

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Resident doctors in Goa, return to COVID-19 facilities after a brief strike

Doctors in Goa, who called for a strike on Monday after their free accommodation privilege was revoked, resumed work on Tuesday in the city's COVID-19 hospitals and facilities. This brief suspension disrupted the functioning of two COVID-19 facilities in the state. However, authorities of the South Goa district stated that the medical staff soon reported on duty the following day.

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COVID-19 treatment clocks 70% success rate with Remdesivir, plasma steroid combination in Goa

Obtaining a treatment strategy with the combination of antiviral Remdesivir, plasma and steroid treatment for COVID-19 patients, the state of Goa has attained a 70% success rate informed the Health Minister on Friday, and further stated that Goa will continue the successful treatment protocol along with a continually evolving arrangement to administer and treat post COVID-19 complications with a holistic approach and proper follow-ups.

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