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Schools in Goa permitted to conduct offline examinations classes XI & XII

The Directorate of Education (DoE) in Goa on Wednesday permitted offline, formative and term tests for the students of classes XI and XII. Reportedly, the order has been issued on the requests of Higher Secondary schools in the state in a bid to maintain the standard of education. The Directorate has further established a set of strict COVID SOPs to prevent the spread of coronavirus due to the reopening of schools for assessments.

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Goa government amends recently  issued SOPs related to Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations

The Goa government on Tuesday revised the standard operating procedures related to the Ganesh festival celebrations in the state, to cater to the public sentiment. As per reports, the administration has withdrawn all norms issued to stop people from inviting the priests home, during the festival. People are now also allowed to invite guests to their house even if a family member is COVID positive. All regular precautionary protocols are valid and will be enforced during the course of the 10-day festival.

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Goa reports zero COVID death for the first time in 4 months on Monday!

In a COVID respite, the state of Goa managed to nullify its virus toll for the first time in 4 months. On Monday, no coronavirus deaths were reported here, the health department announced. The Chief Minister on Tuesday, congratulated the medical fraternity and concerned officials for achieving the zero-casualty feat, after relentless efforts. Goa's average fatality ratio presently stands at 1.8%, aggregating a total of 3,097 virus-related deaths since the pandemic outbreak.

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Relief packages announced in Goa for individuals & families affected by the pandemic

Two separate COVID-related financial schemes have been announced by the Goa cabinet on Wednesday. One of these schemes aims at providing relief packages to the kin of those who passed during the pandemic. The other scheme has been initiated to provide relief packages to the unorganised sector and those who are involved in traditional occupations. With monetary assistance, the government aims to allay the economic strain that these people have faced.

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Goa govt unsure of resuming tourism due to uncertainty of predicted third wave

Initially, the Chief Minister of Goa had announced that tourism shall be restarted once all state residents have received the first dose of the vaccine and it was expected that this target shall be achieved by 30 July. However, the unpredictability of the impending third wave of COVID-19 has had an impact on the government's decisions related to tourism. It has been reported that the state government is yet to give its final decision in this regard.

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