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Palate's craving something sweet? Check out these 14 Goan desserts for your share of sugar rush!

Shining like a precious jewel along the western coastline of the country, Goa is known for its alluring amalgamation of three diverse cultures-the French, the Portuguese and the Indian. Amongst an array of bountiful presents offered by the scenic state, what leaves an unmatched impression on the minds of its visitors is its sprawling cuisine.

While tourists may topple in their love for the choicest varieties of seafood, what has us drooling is the Goa's dessert spread. From a local delicacy that comes with semblances of north India's 'Gujia' to a range of sweet servings having a European appeal, you simply can't enjoy it all in one trip! If you are lost in your sugar-dipped imaginations already, let us take you on a tour of the 14 most relished Goan desserts.

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