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Chug down a glass of Urak & quench your thirst for a breezy Goan summer!

Commonly referred to as Jungle Juice, Urak is the quintessential, hangover-free fluid concoction and it is a staple among Goans who are looking to beat the summer heat. Feni may be the most famous Goan drink but it is popularly believed that conversations happen to be more pleasant with the light-headedness induced by a glass of Urak. So if you are in Goa and wish to rejuvenate your soul, whether post-party or to escape the heat, then hop to the nearest wine shop or local pub for a refreshing sip of Urak!

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Alcohol not your jam? Take a shot at these 7 mocktails in Goa to lighten up your spirit!

Regularly flocked by tourists for its buzzing beaches and bountiful collection of beers, Goa definitely has something to suit each heart's craving. But if you happen to be a teetotaller amid a gang of drinkers, you must be craving to join in the thrill as your drunk friends lose themselves in revelry. So if you are up for one refreshing ride, trail through this list of 7 non-alcoholic drinks from Goa that will rejuvenate your soul and lighten up your spirits in a jiffy!

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