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Boosting network connectivity​ across the state, Goa to have 62 new mobile towers soon

The Chief Minister of Goa announced a new proposal to enhance mobile connectivity in the state on Saturday. As per reports, Goa is all set to witness the installation of about 62 new mobile towers in the near future. The latest step which comes as a part of the government's telecommunication policy will not only improve network accessibility in the state but also amplify the existing infrastructure.

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Restaurants in Goa to be equipped with 'Biogas supply network' in a bid to boost sustainable dev.

Adding to the list of initiatives for building a sustainable future, the Chief Minister of Goa has announced that a few restaurants in the state capital would be equipped with the biogas facility. The Biogas supply grid is being set up in Panaji by the city municipal corporation, for which a matrix of a dozen biodigester plants has been installed in the city.

Free of cost facility at the initial stage


The Chief Minister informed that no fee shall be charged for the facility from the benefitted restaurants at the initial stage. "It is a new innovative system, where we will use the biogas generated by these biodigester plants and supply it free of cost to restaurants located near these plants at the initial stage," Sawant said. He further added that the city corporation's intervention is aligned with the Goa Government's sustainable development goals(SDG).

The CM stated that the restaurant owners will be advantaged by the new initiative in terms of reduced costs. The biogas will not only help in lowering the cost of LPG cylinders by half but will also provide added merits like minimized emissions. The biodigesters will produce clean and efficient fuel from food, vegetables and other organic material which are often wasted and thrown out in the open.

Goa to explore renewable energy sources for its growing power needs

Goa's government has requested the Union Ministry for New & Renewable Energy to conduct a feasibility study to explore the possibilities of setting up power production plants from renewable sources of energy. The proposal attempts to harness the state's full potential for environment-friendly methods of power production from sources like solar, wind, hydro, biomass, wave and tidal and storage of solar power.

While the state aims to execute more projects for achieving its sustainable development goals, the current initiative for accelerating usage of biogas can prove to be a game-changer in many ways.

Goa to become an academic hub as private institutes plan on setting up new campuses here​

After a high number of universities and institutes of higher education expressed interest in establishing their campuses in Goa, the state's education sector expects an amped-up expansion in the coming time. Addressing a conference at NIT Goa, the Chief Minister affirmed that the state is gradually moving up the path of becoming an academic centre.

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Goa government to replace sentinel scheme with CCTVs and vigil police to discipline traffic

The Goa cabinet decided to cross through the traffic sentinel scheme in the state over little marginal equity, on Wednesday. The government has decided to increase vigil through the installation of CCTV camera and deployment of traffic police instead. The state has also highlighted a lack of financial funds as a case for the withdrawal.

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Goa board reduces exam fees for children with special needs, by 50%

In an attempt to benefit the children with special needs, the Goa Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education has decided to implement a 50% reduction in the examination fees for them. Reportedly, a circular issued by the secretary of the Goa Board stated that the examination fee shall be decreased to 50% of its current value for all the specially-abled children who will sit for their class 10th or 12th board examination through an accredited secondary or higher secondary school.

No practical examinations fees for examinees with special needs


The amended fee amount stands at ₹ 525 for students who deposit within the stipulated time while it would be ₹ 1,025 if the late fee is added. These students will also be exempted from paying the fee for practical examination. Additionally, a reduced fee of ₹ 300 would be charged for providing the statement of marks and the passing certificate.

The board's resolve attempts to grant an advantage to the kids with special needs. Though the decision regarding the concessions was taken by the Goa Board's executive council in January last year, it is being extended to the students from the forthcoming board examination.

Not the first benefit scheme of the state board


As practised by all other boards of education, the Goa board also provides other relaxations to these students appearing for 10th and 12th examinations. Facilities like the help of a scribe are provided based on the nature and extent of disability.

The latest intervention is not the first of its kind in Goa. Since 2005, the Goa Board has kept a separate set of provisions for children with special needs. The scheme that underwent revisions in 2008 and later in 2018 is targeted towards providing financial aids to regular schools for establishing resource rooms and executing all-encompassing methods of education. Also, allowances are offered to the parents of these children for being able to avail facilities like physiotherapy.