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'Oxygen on Wheels' in Goa supplements the state's efforts to resolve the LMO crisis

Propelled by an unprecedented crisis and an alarming increase in severe patients, Goa has witnessed an amplified demand for medical-grade oxygen. In a bid to enhance the available facilities, an 'oxygen on wheels' service has been launched by the Deputy Chief Minister of Goa. Reportedly, the facility comes equipped with a total of five oxygen concentrators to provide instant relief to critical patients distressed by respiratory issues, escalated by the disease.

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2 oxygen plants to be set up in Goa in a bid to alleviate the state's LMO crisis!

After a dire shortage of oxygen was witnessed in Goa, the state Health Minister apprised the citizens that two oxygen plants will be established in the territory. Further, the Chief Minister has himself taken the charge of oxygen management, to ensure a continuous supply of this medical necessity for COVID patients in the state. On Monday, 2,703 fresh cases were registered in Goa while 152 lives have been lost to the virus, in the past three days.

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