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Taxis in Goa to be equipped with free-of-cost fare metres

In an attempt to revamp the public transport system in the state, the Goa government has decided to install free-of-cost fare metres in the local taxis. The cabinet passed the formal proposal for this on Thursday, which is expected to benefit locals and tourists through a regulated system for fare collection. Speaking about the initiative, the Chief Minister stated that the scheme is being launched on humanitarian grounds to advantage the drivers and the commuters.

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In the next 6 months, all taxis in Goa to record fares using digital meters

Introducing the much-required provision of taxi meters in Goa, the Tourism Minister on Wednesday stated that the government will install digital meters in all taxis here. According to his statement, the process to affix these meters along with printers, GPS and panic button in all taxis in Goa will begin in a fortnight. This will greatly transform the tourism industry in Goa as it impacts the exclusivity of the state's public transport system.

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